51 Food Names for Dogs: Tasty & Delicious Names For Furry Foodies

Food Names for Dogs

Common dog names can become quite boring if you have heard them a thousand times, human names for dogs can also get repetitive and boring.

A unique, interesting, and refreshing idea is to instead use food names for Dogs!

If you want a cute moniker, inspired by a sweet treat or unique vegetable, which will make a funny dog title, then this is the list for you!

A large and hefty dog could be given a meaty choice like ‘Bones’ to highlight their large status, but a tiny puppy could be given a nickname like ‘Beans’ or ‘Chickpea’!

There are so many food names here that we are sure one will suit every type of dog out there, it could even be a great idea to match the title to your dog’s personality and mannerisms.

Food Names for Dogs

Dog Eating Food

  1. Basil – inspired by the spice that goes very well with tomato soup and pizza, Basil was also a fictional fox on children’s television ‘Basil Brush’
  2. Meatball – a funny and cute choice for a pudgy and heavy dog. Breeds that would especially suit this option are Bulldogs and Pugs, as they tend to have large faces and bodies but stumpy legs, almost like a meatball!
  3. Cupcake – what better option than Cupcake is there for the sweetest and cutest dog you know! This is truly adorable and would be the cherry on top of an already delightful puppy
  4. Cadbury – a delicious chocolate bar. This would make a perfect nickname for a chocolate-colored Labrador, who is as sweet and delectable as this chocolatey treat
  5. Peanut – one of the cutest food names for Dogs especially for a tiny dog. Peanut would be fitting for a Chihuahua, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, Pomeranian and a Pug
  6. Cinnamon – a food that is very reminiscent of winter and Christmas, so would make the perfect choice for a dog that you got around the holiday season
  7. Spaghetti – a funny, wacky food name for a long and thin dog, an excellent title for breeds such as Whippets and Greyhounds, as it’s their spaghetti-like bodies that help them run like the wind!
  8. Strawberry – this is a cute, fruity title, perfect for a strawberry-blonde, golden fluffy pup. Strawberry would be a great name for a dog that is polite, obedient and playful
  9. Jelly – a funny choice for a dog that wobbles! If your dog perhaps has some extra rolls around their belly, then Jelly would be a cute option for them
  10. Beans – this cute and fun moniker is perfect for a small, bean-sized dog. However, this name isn’t reserved for a pint-sized pooch, remember the bean from Jack and the Beanstalk led him to giants – so also great for a Doberman or Great Dane
  11. Licorice – the most perfect sweet option for a dark, black dog. Licorice is a unique title, which no other dog with black fur in a five-mile radius will also have
  12. Coffee – this bitter, strong moniker is perfect for a dog that makes a lasting impression. This is especially suitable if your pet has coffee-colored fur, which can range from a light, beige latte to a dark and dusky black coffee
  13. Ginger – this is the most obvious moniker for a red-haired dog. Ginger is a spice that is often used around the holiday and Christmas season, in things such as gingerbread men cookies. This is perfect for a ginger puppy that is warm, cosy and incredibly loveable
  14. Cotton Candy – this is for a dog that has the fluffiest fur coat you’ve ever seen! A delicious fluffy, fizzy candy that is often seen at carnivals and fairgrounds, Cotton Candy is definitely great for a fun-loving dog
  15. Honey – another sweet and sticky choice for a dog that has a golden coat. Another equally cute name could be Honeybee or Queen Bee
  16. Mushroom – what happens when a Great Dane gets in a Chihuahua’s bed? There isn’t mushroom! Mushroom is great for a furry friend who is soft and squishy
  17. Pickle – if you’re in a bit of a pickle trying to choose from these food names for Dogs… then why not go with Pickle! This is a funny and zany title for an eccentric pet
  18. Coconut – this is a beautiful, exotic moniker for a pet dog, perhaps one who loves spending time on tropical beaches where coconuts grow on palm trees. This would be great for a brown and white dog, so they would match their namesake
  19. Haribo – after the delicious jelly-sweet company; Haribo make sweets such as jellied eggs, hearts, gummy bears, strawberries and tangfastics, and so is a great option for a dog that really packs a punch!
  20. Caramel – a warm, smooth and delicious sweet treat that is loved by many would make a brilliant title for a dog. Even better if your pet has a gorgeous caramel-colored coat
  21. Berry – if you’re after a delicious, fruity choice for you furry friend, but can’t decide which one, then ‘Berry’ is a beautiful, all-encompassing dog food name. Other choices that imply a mixture of fruits could be ‘Smoothie’ and ‘Fruit Salad’, but we like Berry the most!
  22. Gumball – the perfect moniker for a bouncy, energetic and adventurous pet pooch. Gumballs come in a variety of colors and sizes, just like your pet doggie
  23. Crumpet – a food-inspired dog name that could not be more English if it tried, Crumpet would make a fantastic title for any dog breed that hails from the UK, such as English Bulldogs, Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, King Charles Spaniels and Beagles
  24. Pepper – another choice inspired by a spice. You might not think of ‘Pepper’ immediately as a food, as it has become quite popular for pets, perhaps because of children’s television character Peppa Pig and one of the leading characters in Marvel’s Iron Man, Pepper Potts
  25. Pumpkin – another great choice for a ginger-haired dog, Pumpkin is a fun title for a furry friend that loves Autumn, Halloween and jumping in big piles of leaves
  26. Skittles – after the candy brand that make incredibly bright-colored, small circular sweets, that range from tangy to sour and sweet in flavor. This moniker really is for a zany dog that has lots of energy
  27. Brussel – is naming your dog after Brussel Sprouts cruel or funny? Like Brussel sprouts, a dog with this food name is perhaps loved by some and detested by others!
  28. Marshmallow – a great namesake for a white dog whose fur is as fluffy and soft as a marshmallow
  29. Biscuit – this option really just takes the biscuit! This is a cute and simple food name for any dog, of any gender, any size and any breed. There is nothing that unites dogs more than biscuits
  30. Peaches – our favorite fruity food names for Dogs. This would be perfect for a pet that has a peachy fur coat. There are so many other fruits that make excellent choices for your furry friend
  31. Macaroni – a fun moniker for a dog with yellow-golden fur, and perhaps they have a cheesy smile to match macaroni and cheese! You could even call them ‘Mac’ as a nickname
  32. Sushi – a Japanese dish that often consists of raw fish, Sushi is a unique and interesting choice to give to your furry friend
  33. Fudge – one of the best titles. which is obviously perfect for a fudge-colored dog!
  34. Brownie – another great title for a brown-colored dog – there is nothing more obvious than Brownie! Just like a chocolate brownie, this would be perfect for a dog that’s warm, gooey and cosy
  35. Muffin – a cute choice for a pampered doggie. A dog called Muffin is always spoiled and gets everything their own way, because you love them so dearly
  36. Cookie – for a dog that is a tough cookie! This would be perfect for a canine that seems tough, intimidating and scary on the outside, but really they are soft, harmless and adorable on the inside.
  37. Cheesecake – a delicious option for an amazing pup in your life. It encompasses both a smooth, creamy topping and the crunchy bottom of the biscuits. A perfect choice for a dog that seems to have a double personality!
  38. T-Bone – the perfect title for a meaty dog, this moniker would be great for hefty dog breeds such as St Bernards, Great Danes, Newfoundland dogs and Rottweilers
  39. Shrimp – Shrimp is great for a small dog! Chihuahuas and Yorkies would wear this food name well, because of their tiny frames
  40. Pancake – the funniest food names for Dogs! Pugs and Boston terriers have flat and squished faces, where as Whippets and Greyhounds have very slim and small bodies
  41. Sausage – the most perfect title for a Dachshund, also known as ‘sausage dogs’. Other similar food names for a Dachshund could be ‘Banger’, ‘Schnitzel’, or ‘Hotdog’
  42. Jalapeno – a spicy and hot choice for a unique and eccentric pup that has bundles and bundles of energy. This furry friend is too hot to handle!
  43. Pudding – there is no cuter choice in this list than Pudding, for your little puddin’! Give your adorable pooch this food name after a delicious dessert
  44. Tic-Tac – a funny choice for a teeny-tiny dog! Tic-Tacs are small, white, minty, refreshing candies and so would be a fun title for a pint-sized, white dog, such as a Chihuahua or a Pomeranian
  45. Pizza – who doesn’t love pizza?! This is a unique and interesting moniker that encompasses two of your favorite things in the world – canines and pizza!
  46. Tofu – is there a better Food Name for Dogs than Tofu? Fantastic for a fun-loving and adorable pooch that wouldn’t hurt a fly
  47. Sugar – is there anything sweeter than sugar?! This would be brilliant for a pampered pooch that is well-groomed, well-mannered and incredibly well-loved
  48. Huckleberry – Huckleberries are small fruits that grow in the wild, there are yearly hunts and treks to find these delicious berries
  49. Pineapple – a sweet and delicious fruit, which would make a great title for a pet dog that is as equally sweet! Pineapples are often seen as tropical so this food name would be excellent for a breed that is from a tropical country
  50. Oreo – the perfect name for a black and white pet
  51. Ratatouille – this vegetable dish has become more popular because of its use as a Disney name. It stars Remy the rat, who can make excellent dishes and is a surprisingly fantastic chef, with Ratatouille being one of the best dishes he makes


We hope you enjoyed this list of over fifty food names for Dogs.

From scrumptious starters to delicious desserts, we have a food name for every dog.

If you have a favorite name from this list then be sure to let us know in the comments and if you are lucky enough to have a pet pooch with a food name then we’d love to hear it!

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