Egyptian Names You Have to Know About and Their Meanings

Looking for some great Egyptian names? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Naming an individual is definitely not an easy task and, irrespective of the culture a person belongs to, the names are chosen very carefully because that particular name is going to represent the person for their entire life.

In ancient Egypt, the names for any person were very simple and were plain nouns or adjectives like Nedjem which means “sweet,” Neferet which means “beautiful woman,” and so on.

It was also common to have nicknames and abbreviations in ancient Egypt. It is said that the Egyptians believed they had some sort of power over a thing if they knew its name.

That is the reason why a lot of execration texts were discovered in many parts all over Egypt, especially around the burial areas.

Are you looking for a beautiful name for your little one? Or maybe you are interested in learning about ancient Egyptian names, heritage, and history?

Whatever the reason might be, these names offer you a lot of different ideas. From the times in ancient Egypt to the modern period, they are becoming increasingly popular and if you dive deep into it, you can come across some priceless ones.

But no worries, because we are here to make things easier for you! We bring you some wonderful ideas for both boys and girls along with their meanings so that you can make an informed decision.

Egyptian Names

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The Importance of Names

Boy on Beach Sun Symbol on Back
Choosing a name can be an overwhelming process but things can get much easier if you have many ideas in front of you to get inspired from.

That is exactly what we wanted to do and here are the most popular exhibition names and their meanings so that you can choose the one you feel connected with the most.

Beautiful Egyptian Girl Flower in Hair


This one is typically a name for a girl and is one of the most extremely popular Egyptian names. The meaning of the name is that “she belongs to her father”. Isn’t it absolutely adorable?



Another beautiful girl name, this one has Egyptian and Arabic origin. You can play around with alternative variations like Lilah, Lela, Lilah, and so on.

The meaning of this particular name is ‘night’. Back in 1993, this name was one of the most popular and it has remained so since then.



When we look for the most beautiful Egyptian girl names, we cannot miss out on this one!

Cleopatra was one of the most well-known female rulers in history and her name was spread far and wide due to her beauty and intellect.

If you want inspiration for Egyptian queen names, this one is a great choice.



This name is typically used for girls and has an Egyptian and Arabic origin. You can also spell it as “Ayah” as an alternative and the meaning behind this name is “wonderful,” “amazing,” and “bird.”

A fun fact about this name is that Aya is also a very popular name for girls in Japan and the meaning of the name is “beautiful, colorful” there.



Even though this particular Egyptian name is not very common today, it is still a great choice for your baby girl. It is derived from ancient Egypt and the meaning of this name is ‘gold’ – a very beautiful way to show your daughter how much she is treasured.



If you have been researching Egyptian names for your baby girl, you might have come across this one because it is one of the most popular ones in Egypt and truly, it will be perfect for your little bundle of cuteness as this name means ‘gift’.



This name is becoming increasingly popular with time and has an Arabic and Egyptian origin. You can also go with another variation spelled as “Mena”.

If you are wondering what it means, Menna means “favor,” “grace” and “gift of God.” It is a beautiful name and one which is worth considering.



This particular Egyptian name needs no introduction and you probably already know the meaning behind it, the “Goddess of Fertility and Spring.” Easter is a Christian spring festival and it is a beautiful name for a baby girl.



This name has been amazingly popular, not only across Egypt but across the entire world, and for a pretty good reason. The name is beautiful, feminine, and means “princess.”

If you are going to spoil your baby girl with lots of love, what could be a better name than this?



Eman is gender-neutral and can be used for both sexes, however, it is more commonly used for girls. The origin of the name is Arabic and it means “faith.”



An Egyptian name by origin, the meaning of the word is ‘sweet’ and it’s an adorable name for your baby girl. This name however also is of African origin.



As a beautiful name for a girl, it has its roots both in Egyptian and Greek. The meaning behind the name is “lady of the house,” but according to some Egyptian cosmologies, this name also means “useful goddess.”



If you are looking for Egyptian goddess names, you can go for this one. Tauret is known as the Goddess of pregnant women and it is said that people bearing this name have a very charming and sophisticated personality.



Pronounced [tie-ee], this is perfect if feel that your little girl is going to be an adventurous woman in the future.

Tiye is an ancient Egyptian name derived from a queen who was the mother of Akhenaten, symbolizing someone who is adventurous at heart and believes in making their own rules and setting out on their path in life.



This one has been quite popular over the years and you might have even come across this name in TV soap dramas. This beautiful Egyptian name usually represents someone mild and kind to nature.



One of the prettiest Egyptian girl names, the meaning of this name is “strong.” It is a lovely way to name your baby girl and make her feel determined and strong.



With an Egyptian origin, this is a beautiful option for your baby girl and has a lot of different variations to play on including Nakiya, Nikia, Nakeya, etc.

The actual meaning of this word is “someone pure and faithful,” which has a ring to it and brings a sense of peace and tranquility.



Isn’t it an absolutely pretty name? No wonder this name has been popular for many years now and is used by people all over the world today. Some alternatives to go for are Dalya or Dalit.

The meaning of this word is “a hanging branch, a strong branch.” The pronunciation is similar to how the word Dahlia is said.



Another great popular option, this name is derived from Arabic and Egyptian roots and the meaning of the word is “something beautiful and elegant.”

There are some variations that you can go for like Jameela, Gamila, Djamila, etc. Nonetheless, the name is very beautiful just like the meaning behind it.

Dark Eyed Egyptian Boy with Curly Hair


This one is a beautiful boy name and is pronounced %lsqb;RAM-zees]. It is considered one of the most popular Egyptian names and the meaning of it is “begotten by Ra, God of the sun.”

It gives off a powerful vibe and can be a great option in your list of eligible names.



Horus was originally one of the great titles for an Egyptian Pharaoh. Moreover, it is also one of the most ancient known names in the land of Egypt.



You have probably heard this name; it’s a common one but it doesn’t mean that it is anything less than beautiful.

The meaning of Khalid is “eternal” or “something which lasts forever.”

There are different alternatives and variations you can go for like Khaled, Khaleed, etc. This name also has a female version, Khalida.



If you are looking for more ideas for Egyptian names, Nabil is a great option because it’s a little uncommon and you can also play around with different variations like Nebil, Nabeel, and so on. The meaning of this name is very close to how it sounds in English, “noble.”



A name with an Egyptian origin for your baby boy, Ramzan is closely related to another name from our list, Ramses. It can be translated to “the sun god.”



The name Tariq has an Egyptian and Arabic origin and has a few variations which you can choose according to your preference including Tarik, Tarick, Tarek, and so on.

This name means someone who knocks at the door or the morning star.

In the earlier times, this name was not very popular but it is slowly catching up.



Another beautiful name having Arabic and Egyptian origin, it can also be spelled as Zahir. Even though Zahur isn’t a very popular name, the alternative Zahir somewhat is.

The meanings of the name are “flower, blossom, eminent.”



Apart from being a great Egyptian name for a boy, it is also known as the capital of Egypt and the meaning behind the actual word is “victorious.”



This name is of Arabic origin and is an alternative to Ahmad, the meaning of which is “more commendable.”

The name has been derived from the word hamida, the meaning of which is “to praise.”



Another great boy name having Egyptian and Arabic origin, Ashraf can also be spelled as Achraf, Achref, etc.

The meaning of the name is to be noble and someone who is honorable. This name first became popular around 1988 and has been commonly used since then.



For anyone who is looking for Egyptian names for boys which are unique yet beautiful, Hossam is a great option.

You can also go for alternative spellings and variations like Houssam, Hosam, Hussam, and so on. The meaning of this name is “sword of justice.”



Even though this name has its roots in Persian culture, later on, it gained popularity in Egypt as well. Bahman is also the name of the 11th month in the Iranian calendar and the meaning behind this name is “well spirited.”



This is a beautiful name for your baby boy and it’s about understanding that your child is a blessing from God and you are acknowledging it from the bottom of your heart. The meaning of this word is “given by God.”



This name is derived from the Egyptian God of movement of the Sun. The actual meaning of the name is “to create.” The bearer of this name will get the opportunity to create wonderful things in their life.



Derived from Persian and Egyptian culture, Darius has alternatives like Dario and Darijus. It is also the name of a Pharaoh and the meaning of the word is someone who is rich and holds his firm to good.

Today, this name is being used in many parts of the world and it began to grow in popularity in the United States in 1994.

Choosing an Egyptian First Name

Often, Egyptian Goddess names and Egyptian God names are preferred choices for selecting an Egyptian first name.

You can also combine some ancient and classic options and put your modern twist on them according to your preference. Moreover, another factor to consider is that most of the modern names are typically influenced by Islamic and Arabic culture.

Another great option to put a more unique twist to the traditional names is by playing around with alternative spellings.

Choosing an Egyptian Surname

If you are researching Egyptian naming traditions and how Egyptian last names or family names are selected, an interesting fact to consider is that along with a personal first name, the name of the father of the grandfather is used.

The last name begins with El– in most cases and, if you dive deep into it, it is interesting to note that many of these names come from geographic locations where the original family came from many years ago.

Typically, the paternal line is passed down while selecting the names for a newborn and this name can also help to get clarity on the status of the family in the past.

Want to know another interesting fact? Many Egyptian women do not change their last name after their marriage!

How Important Can a Name Be for an Individual?

Woman in Egyptian Temple History
Our names end up becoming a very important part of our identity and apart from that it also carries deep cultural, personal, and family connections. It gives us a better sense of who we are and where we belong.

This is probably the reason why when someone mispronounces your name or misuses it, it affects us negatively.

There is no denying the fact that choosing a name for a child is a significant process. In many cases, it has been observed that the meaning behind a name can pass on to an individual and affects their personality and traits.

The Best Gift

The best gift you can give to your child, irrespective of whether it is a boy or a girl, is a beautiful name that they will fall in love with and will be proud of when they grow up.

It is also essential to remember that the name you choose is going to stick to that person forever and anyone they meet will acknowledge them using that particular name.

When they feel proud of their name, it does bring a sense of positivity and confidence in a person; that can be a game-changer!

From the ancient days to the times of the pharaohs to the modern days in Arab Egypt, Egyptian boy and girl names are increasing in popularity and you can find the perfect blend of both traditional and modern in the options.

We hope that you can find something you like in this list of Egyptian names and something which clicks for you.

Good luck!

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