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Dwarven names are simple yet powerful things. They’re so often a verbal description of the character, their heritage, or their deeds.

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We’ve got the biggest and best list of names for all sorts of dwarves, from Lord of the Rings to Warcraft, Dungeons & Dragons to Pathfinder, Dark Iron to Hill Dwarves, and last names to kingdom names! Just hop to the section you want using the contents or scroll through and enjoy the journey.

Dwarves have mystical talents that fill the gaps in their personalities and their names depict the same. That’s why we have created this page to gather the best dwarf names we could find and make the dwarf name generator to best all others!

If you are a fan of the swarthy race and want to honor their characters, choosing their names for your game characters or pets will be awesome.

You have come to the right place to find many unique and wonderful names for your dwarf.

Dwarves: A Brief History

The short-statured race is always portrayed as mysterious and secretive – always wary of trusting others, and they don’t get friendly quickly. The typical dwarf likes to live underground in mines and caves, and occupy their time by finding and making valuable alloys, often crafting them into maces and axes!

The dwarves are scripted and embedded in the histories of several folklores. Similar to elves, Norse mythology enumerates many origins and areas of their existence around Germany and other Scandinavian countries. An old Norse textbook, Prose Edda, from the 13th century, describes dwarves as small creatures, four of which even hold up the sky.

In the modern era, dwarves predominantly gained fame from Tolkien’s works in the ever-popular Lord of the Rings saga. From his works, Middle-earth is the home of dwarves, also referred to as Khazad in their language, Naugrim, which means “Stunted People,” or Gonnhirrim, which means “Masters of Stone.”

Aule, known as Mahal by dwarves, made Seven Fathers of Dwarves secretly in a hall in Middle-earth. Although Aule created them, he couldn’t give them life, so he decided to destroy them, but Eru saved them and adopted them as his children.

First Age

During the first age of dwarves, they were allies with the elves and did trade with them. These dwarves were popular for their craftsmanship and made famous things like the necklace of Nauglamir. But these dwarves are obsessed with gold, and their lust resulted in the rivalry between dwarves and elves.

Second Age

Durin-II was the second age of the dwarves under the rein of Narvi, a smith, who built the Doors of Durin. The era of Narvi was a prosperous time for dwarves. During the time of Durin-III, he got one of the Dwarven Rings of Power. The ring only served to increase their greed and lust for gold.

Third Age

Dwarves used to be a united and proud race, but due to some inner conflicts between goblins and orcs, some life struggles and other problems made them move and disperse across the globe.

In the year 1980 of the third age, most dwarves settled in the Grey Mountains for almost 300 years and lived an extraordinary life until the dragons became influential in the North. Then some dwarves fled in the Iron Hills.

Fourth Age

In the fourth age of dwarves, the Kingdom under the Mountain was prosperous and strong. Longbeards were left living in the dwarf realm of Erebor after Durin’s race was finished. The longbeards kept the tradition of mining for gems and other valuable metals alive to create weapons.

Favorite Dwarwen Names

Mining Dwarf Pickaxe with Treasure
Dwarves have different personalities and forms, but they all share a few common personality traits. They live under the mountains, and their main occupation is mining.

Their appearances are the same, too; they have short-statured bodies and long beards.

Dwarven women have almost identical builds. They are fewer in number compared to dwarven men, are the caretakers, rarely seen outside their halls, but they are also hardy and travel when the need arises.

Here are some of our favorite dwarven names for both males and females.


  1. Birna – an Icelandic-origin female dwarven name that means “bear.”
  2. Admina – a Hebrew female dwarven name that means “red earth.”
  3. Abria – is a female dwarven name that means “power or strength” and “father of a multitude.”
  4. Dania – a Hebrew dwarven name that means “God is my judge.”
  5. Betta – a Hebrew female dwarven name that means “God is my oath.”
  6. Alda – a Spanish female dwarven name that means “wise, elder, prosperous and wealthy.”
  7. Agda – a Greek, Swedish, and Scandinavian female dwarven name that means “good or honorable.”
  8. Afra – an Arabic female dwarven name that means “color shade of earth.”
  9. Bara – an Arabic female dwarven name that means “innocence.”
  10. Aden – a Spanish female dwarven name that means “powerful.”
  11. Ebba – a German and Old English female dwarven name that means “strong.”
  12. Cosette – a french dwarven name that means “little or small.”



  1. Alius – a male dwarven name that means “the other one.”
  2. Dani – a name for male dwarven that means “dead-like.”
  3. Apep – an Egyptian name that means “to slither.”
  4. Anak – a Hebrew male dwarven name that means “collar” or “neck -chain.”
  5. Dori – a male dwarven name that means “fortifying one.”
  6. Bari – a Hebrew name that means “ready” and “eager.”
  7. Alviss – it is an Old Norse male dwarven name that means “aal -wise.”
  8. Chrysaor – a Greek name of Latin version that means “golden sword.”
  9. Addanc – it is the name of the lake where King Arthur died – a perfect name for male dwarf.
  10. Argos – a Greek male dwarven name that means “shining,” “bright,” and “swift.”
  11. Brökk – an Old Norse male dwarven name that means “breeches.”
  12. Bes – an Egyptian name that means “one that brings joy.”


Dwarf Name Generator

Dwarf names always have a guttural first name sound and then a clan name. The clan names are of two types: a compound name such as Deepdelver or Silverstone, or a name that sounds dwarven, for instance, Rankarkrak or Torevir.

This name generator has over 10,000 compound last names. For last names that sound dwarven, skip ahead.

Female dwarves mostly have melodic and delicate sounding names that end with a vowel or some softer tone in the rest of their names. On the other hand, men have names that end with consonants, making their names heavy and strong.

Yakgruil Redcloak
Barrig Flatshaper
Thralmorlun Hillguard
Vossol Marblecrafter
Krofrom Sapphiresplitter


DND Dwarf Names

Armored Dwarf In Dark Woods
Dwarves are courageous, determined, and have stubborn personalities. They don’t trust anyone quickly; instead, they are suspicious and won’t hesitate to harm the person who has bad intentions towards their race.

They won’t put their trust in you until you prove your loyalty. And if you hurt their faith, they will keep that grudge until they die.

DND dwarf names tend to be quite similar to those from Tolkien’s world, however, there are subtle differences as you will see.

Here are some of those distinctive names for males and females.

Female Male
Hurmugith Stronghide Ermmus Xuam
Vatraethra Platefeet Gadaec Trolltank
Kutdrehilda Merryarm Forferlug Dragonbane
Gitgroserd Hammerhand Ebnom Zekdezrum
Glasgribena Deephood Bhardrom Leatherborn
Khoulomora Bottleguard Meldain Redoz
Kardryn Bonebelly Urmgurn Joscale
Erinmebella Blackmane Baerdrak Treasureshield
Skastroda Bouldergranite Henmaek Ironcloak
Eddryn Boulderbelt Benrigg Aoy
Hakrideth Grumblejaw Doldain Dukded
Dekgradrid Blazingflayer Thergrum Shehleid
Brodawynn Warmtoe Kartharn Fisttrack
Lesslyl Strongdigger Bharnom Blessedmail
Rynselle Thundergranite Daermiir Ein
Einlyl Battlebane Brammus Gergelbi
Sarniss Grumblejaw Benmun Caskbasher
Nysnera Frozenhandle Ragadin Dulbreln
Jatebelle Blazingblade Muirrak Hepvunthihk
Throveastr Leadgrip Krumnum Tryanire
Arnora Strongsunder Kramgrom Hahkohr
Glasdrulyn Snowstone Berkohm Suem
Nasnyl Blazingflayer Muirdal Tromzarkingu
Khurdrustr Rubyforged Erindrerlig Nightbeard
Gymnura Mountainbender Gernam Warcleaver
Kaitrielle Leadforge Grammir Chelbulmu
Gymmyla Rubyforged Ermgus Deathwing
Harraehulda Blessedshaper Addohr Longforge
Noralgebelyn Cavebeard Rangrim Hiltenduft
Dimla Runeforge Gruzzon Coalbelt
Dworgeda Flintbraid Thalbrek Zenibrar


Lord of the Rings Dwarf Names

The fantasy that includes dwarves may not come true, but the portrayal of dwarves by Tolkien in this best-seller seems accurate enough.

The incredible world of Middle-earth is fascinating for everyone who has seen Lord of the Rings. If you haven’t seen Lord of the Rings:
1) Where have you been?
2) It comes highly recommended!

Anyway, here are the dwarf names that are perfect for both male and female characters

  • Daec
  • Murim
  • Dralin
  • Kobeal
  • Hurum
  • Rubramri
  • Thrug
  • Strossas
  • Nurarnuli
  • Hoc
  • Hurolin
  • Korlim
  • Kisuri
  • Grounoki
  • Konlim
  • Brulmaic
  • Dwoug
  • Deth
  • Skarfaec
  • Gat
  • Demrir
  • Dwuc
  • Tic
  • Thil
  • Strolig
  • Boldrurum
  • Dirlum
  • Ossin
  • Glargum
  • Groundami
  • Hetrick
  • Nil
  • Krafili
  • Don
  • Heas
  • Harroud
  • Flolim
  • Glulir
  • Bemnorlum
  • Roud
  • Thobim
  • Dalokkaeg
  • Heack
  • Thrumli
  • Muth
  • Wekheat
  • Gaen
  • Nuraghus
  • Wuri
  • Throid
  • Thithuc
  • Thrit
  • Eringratin
  • Betul
  • Head
  • Thidmonlir
  • Flomi
  • Grokdruth


Pathfinder Dwarf Names

Dramatic Dwarven Warrior Fighting Orc
Dwarves are very athletic and strong as they carve their homes deep into the mountains. They are stern characters – living under the mountains facing dangers daily made them this way.

So, after generations of dwarves, nothing changed in their life and personality. Dwarves in Pathfinder reflect the same traits.

Here are some of the best females and male Pathfinder dwarf names.

Female Male
Wo Battleglide Or Rumblebeard
Rill Hulworsk Zol Stranngvil
Mu Greathide Kag Rumblefell
Bhel Ghurd Zaarsk Kels
Wan Heavyshadow Strec Cloudshout
Sraki Grulkoll Fakkard Brorluth
Galka Blackbreath Srobnior Dewshout
Voddat Tryzmimn Braalborg Fybhill
Vogro Simplegleam Guurdirsk Simplebreath
Thrarbe Gith Hunuck Kar
Vith Stoneblaze Strit Humblebrand
Bot Yuzwor Zock Buglols
Bu Humblecrest Strol Noblemane
Dru Vock Stroorsk Wak
Sru Blazeshade Trer Blackbrow
Vunngvo Strazmyb Stogdul Rummuth
Huddi Pridefall Maarbun Bronzebeam
Vommar Drundrad Drynthat Wuldadd
Omgwa Dewgleam Goklail Lonebeam
Satra Nals Aadols Sab
Na Fullward Duk Fusefell
Fomn Gumdall Fac Gonngvull
Dremn Shieldbluff Ruc Shieldbrace
Thri Zud Stard Vag
Gro Highroar Rum Fireforce
Hogvat Sruldarg Orord Bhednodd
Bhelda Pyrebreath Stobmyld Grandforge
Lamwu Gylgrom Beknic Rutrurg
Khekkin Goldbough Tenfold Earthgrip


Funny Dwarf Names

Dwarves make loyal friends who always protect the weak. Their suspiciousness, stubbornness, and love for gold and worldly things made them fascinating characters.

Along with these traits, dwarves can be very funny too, often with a sardonic and often rude sense of humor.

To fit in with their sense of humor Here are some funny females and males dwarf names.

Female Male
Runglia Gnomefoot Kromdren Thickbottom
Tishmera Sleepyhead Grenthar Picklenose
Torthiel Stoneeater Bramdek Ironball
Nesrin Softhammer Galkum Kegstand
Gymlynn Saladtosser Hormek Drinkage
Eddelle Boarhead Grengrun Bentfork
Bardora Lastfront Galiggs Halfpint
Bralleselle Hornbelly Gernis Baffleface
Lessnera Marthohak Gruzzon Shortpants
Rynma Smugblood Deartyn Brawnward


Dark Iron Dwarf Names

In WoW, Dark Iron dwarves live under the Blackrock Mountain that Ragnaros, The Firelord, rules. These dwarves are dark-skinned and control the Ironforge.

Here are some great Dark Iron dwarf names for both male and female characters.

Female Male
Keinveagli Marblefeast Ulohr Stormfist
Sunomga Blankpast Udarn Thunderbeard
Sastimnun Coolnight Bhargikorm Giantpower
Nomda Swifttoe Sahmander Madmail
Memlohdua Dimbrand Khagregg Mountainback
Twanvomdy Mountainfeast Bokur Mighthonor
Imu Grimhold Hjuthimal Bronzehandle
Inga Gianthold Krargaluggs Keenhonor
Thaglenguss Cliffflight Budragan Firmstone
Dehneysyss Doomgem Kegdig Drunkbraid
Jetale Strongfight Golarmok Lightbreath
Bonma Bonefist Huineggs Cragpast
Thangra Battleback Rador Strongblade
Aizu Stoutbelcher Ragdus Fireaxe
Gwesto Lastgem Tohgrungek Firmmask
Emma Darkriver Bagnum Broadmight
Ongruss Giantmane Broron Goldflight
Nashun Sternforge Kulderdreggs Paledrink
Amda Twinflight Sidruhr Grimblade
Tilu Sternhorn Khodregnath Mountainfury


Dragon Age Dwarf Names

Dragon Age dwarves are divided into a caste system – the dwarves inherit their caste from the parent of the same gender.

For example, a daughter inherits the caste of her mother, and a boy inherits his father’s caste. You can only play with only two castes; Casteless or Noble.

Here are some amazing Dragon Age dwarven names for you.

Female Male
Hatyth Arvis Oskiderel Glamas
Lira Belon Janaweryn Orducan
Minna Cardash Loweryn Weylney
Milsi Vadic Gerol Brosca
Farira Mevonak Janalan Erin
Olescha Araver Trianar Cadarald
Kelacha Casca Widlin Adash
Sisi Torder Karnak Dutack
Kalatyth Zymas Goitag Glatop
Serun Arlmas Maidrin Rumoney
Retyth Haducan Temwan Ranarek
Mina Harrek Bandelan Yonoch
Rilah Gornarek Dwyrik Gordash
Karra Gonka Bawan Kanamas
Tarav Galridin Dwyric Brolar
Olela Kanalra Merilan Memot
Nerarun Brasten Manus Tolmi
Neracha Vodash Emrythy Fersca
Faririnda Forrald Emrygrin Rolon
Litha Klalon Santhur Voca
Feden Arder Bhekin Vaka


Warcraft Dwarf Names

WoW Dwarf Blizzcon
Image Credit: Brian J. Matis | Flickr(CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

In World of Warcraft, dwarves are strong, mountain-dwelling, and muscular beings who use their skills on stones and metals to make weapons and dig gems.

The dwarf names are given at birth, and they have heavy sounds. Some dwarves have historical names of their magical ancestors because they are very fond of history.

Warcraft dwarf names also follow the same path, and we’ve brought you some perfect names here.

Female Male
Sozun Truekind Hjangiggs Darkfight
Otuann Darkpast Tegneth Oldflow
Kove Stormhead Herruggs Goldpower
Gangramgle Firesong Juthamdul Kindpeak
Tysso Fullward Ordeg Slowpass
Nenvo Slowbrand Bhirnirdoggs Sternroar
Ise Marblereach Drulek Coolstorm
Gwyhnemmes Boldbrew Irrarn Giantsteel
Ogil Icegate Ugdoggs Barleybottom
Baehdi Dimkind Thargougs Eagerhand
Linnezen Loudmask Sikigaggs Arcticheart
Bygli Wildstone Alarm Drunkdepth
Leron Wildgift Krekug Truestrike
Ganvo Snowgrace Dedoukath Oddbeer
Tellu Slowstrike Kharder Deephandle
Brethamwa Dirgeheart Aldug Icemight
Ussi Farbeer Alom Boldfield
Osto Oddgrip Bulfeg Dirgehold
Sugen Firmforge Byhmungil Firmbeer
Thamdunry Frozensong Thurdul Rustmane


Dwarf Last Names

We have known of fantasy dwarves since childhood, having seen and heard about them in stories, TV shows and movies.

It didn’t matter if we’ve loved dwarves or looked down on them (pun intended!); we always looked forward to seeing them in some fantasy plot.

The last names of some of those dwarves have become a part of folklore. We’ve dug them up for you here.

  • Bloodminer
  • Copperpots
  • Blessedgrog
  • McKnuckles
  • Goldtrickle
  • Bonetank
  • Ashbraid
  • Ironbreaker
  • Icebrew
  • Hornbelly
  • Nightguard
  • Bloodforge
  • Hammerpants
  • Noblemantle
  • Battlehammer
  • Ironhand
  • Chainbreaker
  • Bottlefinger
  • Jumpnkill
  • Buzzbeard
  • Boatmurderer
  • Ironjaws
  • Deepaxe
  • Bloodcoat


Dwarf Clans Names

Dwarves are famous for their long beards and short stature, and they are very sensible (though often sort-tempered) in decision-making.

Their clan names represent their collective values and responsibilities. So, here are some names of the clans of dwarf lore for you.

  • The Riverwrights
  • Clan Peridot
  • The Hammerkeepers
  • The BronzeBeards
  • The JadeTones
  • The Mountain Homes
  • Kunzite Clan
  • The Stormhammers
  • The Blue Mountain Clan
  • Clan Citrine
  • The Goldenfield Clan
  • The Lords of the Gyre Mountains
  • Tanzanite Clan
  • The Ironjaws
  • The Mountain Falls
  • Clan Krakhammer
  • The Winterhills
  • The Quartzeaters
  • The Thunder Kings
  • Taaffeite Clan
  • The Frostpeak
  • The Highfields
  • The Lords of the Crystal Caverns
  • Hessonite Clan
  • Clan Goldtrickle
  • The Iceblood
  • The Silvertomes
  • The Hammerdashers
  • The Ironhelms
  • The Quick -Smelter clan
  • The Mountainhewers
  • Red Beryl Clan
  • The Diamondbounds
  • The IronSets
  • The Rubywoo
  • The Thundershod
  • The Mountainhall Clan
  • The Steel Whole Clan
  • The Copper Pots
  • Clan Grandidierite


Dwarven Kingdom Names

The glory and beauty of the dwarven world are just amazing. If you love Lord of the Rings, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, and The Hobbit, you must love dwarves.

And if you imagine yourself holding an ax in Dragons & Dungeons, you are a legend in the art of loving dwarves.

Here are some classic and fantastic dwarven kingdom names.

  • Daleah
  • Zanhoriloch
  • Kraka Dorden
  • Karaz-a-Karak
  • Frosthold
  • Cvwich
  • Mountain Silverspear
  • Kraka Ravnsvake
  • Red Eye Mountain
  • Pontyd
  • Gabilgathol
  • Tyr Faerath
  • Ammarindar
  • Tumunzahar
  • Intun
  • Ekrund
  • Fricusi
  • Sareda
  • Aerie Peak
  • Barak Varr
  • Thorium Point
  • Stostethorp
  • Khazad-dûm
  • Bawic
  • Fyford
  • Gundabad
  • Gharraghaur
  • Ironforge
  • Geford
  • Karaz Ankor
  • Delhalls
  • Acstow
  • Hacot
  • Grimhold
  • Wooford
  • Shadowforge City
  • Fraaszummdin
  • Karaz Bryn
  • Anis
  • Nulbaraz


Hill Dwarf Names

Hill dwarves have forgotten their time living in the mountains after they moved in the hills. They also work as craftsmen and love gems, gold, and all other materialistic things.

However, unlike their mountain-d dwarves, however they, but some of them are fortune hunters and traders.

Here are some hill dwarf names for you.

Female Male
Bonnglia Meadowleaf Bryllemora Gakokomo
Lasssyl Fogsurge Bralrin Stokave
Brallesora Glak Kaitbera Xeim
Maerlyn Vurdug Gwynglian Yua
Maermyl Hillspear Lassryl Menzek
Anvian Buzraprut Tydar Tin
Solwaen Fuzift Thalbrek Zenibar
Nasnyl Rumzurima Hjalgg Fulduz
Baernora Munzama Thelthran Celied
Dimdeth Yua Horgrum Margado
Solra Zao Grandal Pala
Jennthiel Rabrozen Gimmek Sao
Jinlyn Strongsworn Tharigg Fazohil
Eddielle Nakod Bharmir Tolbos
Marryn Cekha Emthrun Rasad
Jintin Glowdust Kartharn Fisttrack
Daerris Hallowedclaw Banrum Thunderridge
Kaitla Menskal Ebnom Zakdez
Bryllemora Gakokomo Kramgrom Hakor
Bralrin Stokave Thelrom Chinamaki


What Treasure Did you Mine Today?

Dwarves are old, strong, and sturdy folk. They know the value of hard work and perseverance; they’re always ready to get their hands dirty for a good cause.

Dwarven names should reflect this strength and wisdom, and that was the purpose of this blog post – to help you select the perfect dwarven name!

What did you come up with in the end? Let us know your favorite name from this huge selection, or add your own that you found inspiration for!

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