Best Doberman Names: 60 Courageous, Tough and Loyal Names

Doberman Names

Courageous, tough and loyal Doberman dogs are a favorite breed because of their stable temperament and strength.

Picking from the best name for these ferocious puppies can be a difficult task, so hopefully this list will help you!

We have a variety of different choices which you can choose from, or maybe one will provoke a ‘lightbulb moment’ and inspire the perfect Doberman name:

  • You could pick a namesake which highlights your dog’s incredible strength and ferocity, with a choice like Aslan or Buffy.
  • There are also famous Doberman dog names scattered throughout the list (e.g. Bonnie the Doberman) which also make a fantastic namesake.
  • You could even go with an option like ‘Einstein’ because apparently Doberman dogs are the fifth smartest dog breed.

No matter what appearance or temperament your Doberman has, whether they are as ferocious as a lion or as gentle as a bunny, we have the perfect choice to suit them.

Doberman Dog

Best Doberman Names

  1. Achilles – A Greek mythological hero whose only weakness was his heels. The perfect Doberman name for a brave, daring, and courageous dog
  2. Coffee – name your coffee-colored dog after this strong, bitter drink
  3. Darth Vader – a cunning and mysterious choice for a dog with black fur that is the leader of the dark side…
  4. Caesar – after the Roman dictator and military leader, Julius Caesar. Let’s hope your dog is more well-liked than Julius Caesar, who was assassinated on his way to the Senate
  5. Hawk – after the sharp bird of prey, these birds are fast and fearsome and would make a great choice for a striking and domineering pet
  6. Duke – a very funny dog name, the title Duke implies your dog is regal, stately, and noble, so would make a great option for a grand, imposing dog
  7. Iron Man – after the famous Marvel superhero, Tony Stark aka Iron Man, this is the perfect Doberman name for a dog that is just destined to save the world
  8. Bonnie – after Bonnie & Clyde, two famous American bank robbers. The 1972 movie ‘The Doberman Gang’ features six dogs all named after famous bank robbers, including Bonnie, Clyde, Pretty Boy Floyd, Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson and Ma Barker
  9. Mercury – inspired by the legendary lead singer of the band Queen, Freddie Mercury. With a namesake like this, your dog will be singing ‘We Are The Champions’ all day long!
  10. Spider – the perfect option for a black dog that creeps and slinks around like a spider
  11. Apollo – a very powerful figure in Greek mythology. Apollo is the god of music and medicine. It is also the codename of the US space program that sent the first men to the moon
  12. Jagger – inspired by Mick Jagger, the Rolling Stones frontman. You can get some ‘Satisfaction’ from this choice!
  13. Alpha – the Doberman from the 2009 animated Disney movie, Up. He is the leader of the dog pack and one of the villains who can speak via his collar
  14. Kurt – the namesake of the canine who actually saved the lives of over 200 US Marines, by notifying them of nearby enemy soldiers
  15. Buffy – inspired by femme fatale figure, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, from the hit TV series. Perfect for a strong-willed and determined female dog
  16. Coco – this is a very pretty choice for a beautiful brown-colored dog. Other brown foods such as Fudge and Brownie make great Doberman names
  17. Tripoli – the Doberman in the 1991 John Travolta movie, Eyes of an Angel
  18. Gulliver – this option would be perfect for a pooch that loves to travel and embark on mysterious adventures, often uncovering things never seen before
  19. Lucky – this pretty and cute choice will be perfect for a puppy that will bring you good fortune for years to come
  20. Pluto – the name of the smallest planet in our solar system, so small that in 2006 it was demoted to a dwarf planet. This option would make a funny choice for any huge dog that you might have
  21. Moonraker – this 1979 James Bond movie, starring Roger Moore, features two black Doberman dogs
  22. Dracula – perhaps the most famous vampire ever, first appearing in Bram Stoker’s gothic nineteenth century novel
  23. Smokey – a fun Doberman name for a dark dog
  24. Fang – the black dog owned by Hagrid in the Harry Potter series
  25. Rocky – inspired by the famous boxing film that stars Sylvester Stallone as Rocky
  26. Grace – These dogs are generally known for their toughness, intelligence and strength, but they are actually very graceful creatures
  27. Empire – we know Dobermans are pretty tall dogs, so why not name them after a super tall building?! The Empire State Building is almost 1500 feet tall, definitely taller than any dog in existence!
  28. Chewie – inspired by the big, hairy Wookiee, Chewbacca, in the Star Wars franchise. Chewie is probably most well-known as Han Solo’s co-pilot aboard his ship, the Millennium Falcon
  29. Diablo – after the Doberman in the 2008 dog movie ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’
  30. Pixie – a cute Doberman name for a female puppy. Pixies are mythological creatures often depicted in and around woodlands. Great for a dog that loves exploring Earth and being closer to Mother Nature
  31. Midnight – a great choice for a dark dog whose fur is as black as midnight
  32. Aslan – the fierce, brave and heroic lion in C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia series.
  33. Ninja – the perfect Doberman name for a dog with a pitch-black coat, but would also be fantastic for a dog that’s as quick as lightning
  34. Buddy – a cute option for a dog that is more on the gentle side, ‘Buddy’ is great because you know that your dog will always be your best friend!
  35. Munch – from the 1990 movie, Street Hunter. Munch helps fight crime with his human owner, Logan Blade
  36. Tyson – inspired by the tough Mike Tyson, a professional boxer
  37. Blackie – the pooch in the 2011 movie, Hugo. The movie’s director, Martin Scorsese, launched a campaign to get this dog an Oscar award for his role as Blackie, and was outraged when he was snubbed!
  38. Cupcake – a cute option for a puppy. This dog is as sweet as a sugary cupcake
  39. Sassy – this is a silly Doberman name for a fun and eccentric dog
  40. Cerberus – the three-headed dog from Greek mythology, but also the name of the zombie Doberman in the 2002 Resident Evil movie
  41. Hagrid – the huge, hairy, half-giant gameskeeper and keeper of the keys at Hogwarts school, in the Harry Potter series
  42. Prospero – a wizard and main character in William Shakespeare’s, The Tempest. Prospero is synonymous with power and good fortune, so should prove a great choice for your powerful pooch
  43. Bandit – after outlaws and criminals in lawless places, this option is perfect for a dog that doesn’t always do as they’re told, and has a small mischievous streak that sometimes comes out in full force!
  44. Albert – German meaning ‘noble’ and ‘bright’. A fantastic option for a Doberman as they originated from Germany around 150 years ago. They were bred to be a body guard for a tax collector named Dobermann
  45. Elvis – inspired by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. This name is perfect for any ‘hound dog’ with tremendous musical abilities
  46. Mickey – a namesake for a black dog after the well-known Disney mascot
  47. Bruiser – a perfect Doberman name for a huge, domineering dog. Deep down however, these dogs are softies, and just love a big cuddle
  48. Titan – the largest moon of Saturn, and an all-round imposing choice. In Greek mythology the Titans were a race of gods and divine beings, so clearly this option is not for the weak-hearted!
  49. Rodney – the dog in the 1946 black and white movie ‘It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog’
  50. Pepper – a unique name for a black pet. This could also be inspired by the Marvel Comics leading lady, Pepper Potts
  51. Houdini – Harry Houdini was a famous stunt performer, most well-known for his elaborate escape acts. Perfect for a slippery and cunning dog that can worm its way out of anything!
  52. Princess – the perfect choice for a pampered pooch. A dog with this nickname expects to be waited on hand and foot (or should we say paw and paw!) but we love them anyway
  53. Fargo – the 1996 Coen brothers film starring Frances McDormand. The movie is a comedy thriller set against a snowy backdrop, so it would make a great choice for a dog that loves to play in the snow
  54. Pandora – a pretty nickname inspired by Greek mythology. Pandora’s Box unleashed enormous trouble and misfortune when opened, so hopefully your dog has more good fortune in store for you
  55. Sparky – a fun and exciting choice for an energetic canine. A dog by this nickname is as zany and punchy as a spark of lightning and will keep you moving from when you wake until when you go to sleep!
  56. Majesty – Dobermans evoke a sense of grandeur and royalty because of their huge, commanding stature. These regal and imposing pups shouldn’t be given a common choice and instead something that is reminiscent of kings and queens
  57. T-Rex – a fun Doberman name for a large, brave dog that’s as strong as a T-Rex
  58. Raven – perfect for a mysterious, female dog with a jet-black coat. Ravens are superstitious in Great Britain, especially surrounding the Tower of London, with the belief that if the ravens there fly away then the crown will fall
  59. Zeus – from the TV show Magnum PI
  60. Bruno – meaning ‘brown’ in German, so is perfect for a brown German dog



We hope you enjoyed our article on Doberman names.

From Bruiser to Cupcake, there really is a name for every Doberman out there, no matter if they are tough and wild, or soft and gentle.

If your dog is more of a Mickey than a T-Rex, or more of a Darth Vader than Iron Man, then we have a name to suit them.

Did we miss a name from this list? Please let us know by leaving us a comment. Also, if you have a Doberman yourself then be sure to tell us what their name is.

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