Cow Names: A-Z Of 150+ Marvelous & Moonderful Names For Cows

Cow Names

If you’re searching for a great name for your farmyard animals or toy cow, then look no further!

Our cow name generator and list of over 150 cow names suit all breeds of cow and farmyard pets!

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From Jersey to Holstein Friesian cattle, and from tiny, newly-born calves, to older, more mature cows, our expansive list includes choices for every type of cow.

Many of our choices are puns on the ‘Moo’ sound, famously associated with cows, so if you’re looking for some light-hearted names for cows, make sure to check out those too!

However, if you are looking for more traditional names, classic names like ‘Bertha’ and ‘Polly’ would suit any kind of cow, and have brilliant meanings behind them for you to discover!

Read on below to see our top 10 monikers and also discover a list of over 150 names and meanings; enjoy exploring our names!

10 Good and Funny Cow Names

  1. Bertha – a popular cow name, particularly for one that has many calves
  2. Betty-Sue – double-barreled choices make great cow names!
  3. Buttercup – an adorable nickname, after the yellow flowers
  4. Cockadoodle-Moo – for a cow who wakes everyone up!
  5. Flopsy – a great moniker if paired with a cow called ‘Mopsy’
  6. Mama-Moo – after the Swedish talking cow
  7. Milkshake – a funny choice for a cow who produces lots of milk!
  8. Moona Lisa – a pun on the famous painting of the ‘Mona Lisa’ which hangs in the Louvre in Paris
  9. Oink – a funny and ironic option for a cow who certainly doesn’t say oink!
  10. Winnie the Moo – a pun on A. A. Milne’s classic fictional character ‘Winnie the Pooh’

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List of 150 Cow Names With Meanings

  1. Adele – a strong name meaning ‘of the nobility’
  2. Adeline – also meaning ‘one who is noble’
  3. Alex Moogan – a pun on the US women’s football star ‘Alex Morgan’
  4. Alma – a Celtic moniker meaning ‘one who is good’
  5. Annabelle – a beautiful choice of Gaelic origin meaning ‘joy’
  6. Annie – a classic Cow name
  7. Augustine – after the Father of the Christian Church ‘St Augustine’
  8. Babe – from ‘Babe the big blue ox’
  9. Baby – for the cutest cow ever!
  10. Beatrice – or ‘Bea’ for short!
  11. Belinda – from Pamela Allen’s 1992 novel ‘Belinda’
  12. Bella – short for nicknames like ‘Arabella’ and ‘Isabella’
  13. Bessie – from the American country-western song ‘Bessie the Heifer’
  14. Betsy – derived from ‘Bethia’, meaning ‘daughter of God’
  15. Blue Cow – from the British children’s cartoon featured in ‘The Story Makers’
  16. Boes – from the Dutch comic
  17. Bossy – for a cow who rules the roost!
  18. Brown Cow – after the phrase ‘How Now Brown Cow’, traditionally used in elocution lessons
  19. Candy – a sweet choice for the most adorable cow!
  20. Caroline – a typically royal name for a noble cow
  21. Clarabelle – a mixture of ‘Clara’, meaning ‘bright’, and ‘Belle’, meaning ‘beautiful’
  22. Clarissa – a popular and traditional cow name!
  23. Clementine – or ‘Clemmie’ for short
  24. Cowboy – for a Southern cow!
  25. Cupcake – this delicious snack is a sweet option for a cow!
  26. Daisy – after the adorable yellow and white flower
  27. Darling – an expression of endearment, perfect for a precious cow
  28. Delilah – Hebrew meaning ‘one who is desired’
  29. Della – German meaning ‘bright’ and ‘noble’
  30. Dixie – cute for a cheeky cow!
  31. Domino – perfect for a black and white pet
  32. Dooby-Dooby-Moo – a funny dog name from the Children’s book
  33. Dora – Greek meaning ‘gift’
  34. Dorothy – Greek meaning ‘a vision’, this moniker can be shortened to ‘Dot’
  35. Eileen – meaning ‘one who shines’
  36. Eliza – a shortened version of ‘Elizabeth’
  37. Elizabeth – a Hebrew choice meaning ‘God is my oath’
  38. Ella – English meaning ‘beautiful fairy woman’
  39. Eloise – a strong cow name, meaning ‘one who is famous in battle’
  40. Elsa – after the main character from Disney’s ‘Frozen’
  41. Elsie – after ‘Elsie the Cow’, the cartoon advertisement for the ‘Borden Dairy Company’
  42. Emma – German meaning ‘whole’ and ‘complete’
  43. Enid – a classic and traditional Arthurian option
  44. Esme – French meaning ‘to love’
  45. Esmerelda – a Spanish name meaning ‘emerald’
  46. Eve – Hebrew meaning ‘life’
  47. Fenella – or ‘Nellie’ for short
  48. Flora – the Latin word for ‘flower’
  49. Florence – Latin meaning ‘one who flourishes’
  50. Flower – a gorgeous, natural selection for a beautiful cow!
  51. Frances – Latin meaning ‘one who is free’
  52. Georgette – a cute and classic French name
  53. Georgina – or ‘Gee’ for short
  54. Gertie – German meaning ‘strong spear’
  55. Gloria – Latin meaning ‘glory’ and ‘renown’
  56. Greta – a precious, Swedish moniker meaning ‘pearl’
  57. Gwendolyn – or ‘Gwen’ for short
  58. Hannah – the female version of ‘Hans’
  59. Hazel – a natural and botanical choice for a cow
  60. Helena – Greek meaning ‘one who shines’
  61. Henrietta – German meaning ‘keeper of the hearth’
  62. Ida – German meaning ‘one who is diligent and works hard’
  63. Imogen – or ‘Imo’ for short
  64. Iris – Greek meaning ‘rainbow’
  65. Isabella – or ‘Bella’ for short
  66. Jewel – for the most precious cow in the world!
  67. Josie – short for the equally classic ‘Josephine’
  68. Julia – a Swedish choice meaning ‘youthful one’
  69. June – perfect for a Cow born during the month of June
  70. Leona – a French name meaning ‘lioness’
  71. Lila – an English pet name from ‘Lilian’ or ‘Delilah’
  72. Lois – originating from Greek, meaning ‘one who is more desirable’
  73. Lola – Spanish meaning ‘lady of sorrows’
  74. Loretta – Latin meaning ‘little laurel’
  75. Lucinda – a beautiful, Latin choice meaning ‘light’
  76. Lucy – the vernacular for ‘Lucia’
  77. Maddie – short for ‘Madeline’
  78. Maggie – short for ‘Margaret’
  79. Maisie – a Scottish choice meaning ‘pearl’
  80. Marjorie – a medieval version ‘Margery’, both spellings will suit a cow!
  81. Marnie – a vibrant, Hebrew moniker meaning ‘one who rejoices’
  82. Martha – Aramaic meaning ‘lady’, and a very popular cow name
  83. Marvel – French meaning ‘miracle’
  84. Matilda – Swedish meaning ‘one who is courageous in war’
  85. Maureen – a variant of ‘Mary’
  86. Mavis – after the ‘Mavis bird’, derived from Old French
  87. Maxine – of Latin origin meaning ‘the greatest’
  88. Meg – short for ‘Megan’
  89. Milka – after the brand of chocolate from Switzerland
  90. Millie – a German name meaning ‘strength and drive’
  91. Minnie – the French form of the name ‘Wilhelmina’
  92. Molly – a classic and popular cow name
  93. Molly-Moo-Cow – after the cartoon character from the ‘Rainbow Parade’ cartoons
  94. Moo – after the sound a cow makes
  95. Moo Moo Meadows – after the ‘Mario Kart’ race track
  96. Mooana – after the Disney heroine from the film of the same name
  97. Moochelle Obama – a pun on the former First Lady ‘Michelle Obama’
  98. Moodonna – a cow pun on the renowned popstar ‘Madonna’
  99. Moolan – a pun on the Disney character ‘Mulan’
  100. Moolissa McCarthy – after American actress ‘Melissa McCarthy’
  101. Mooly Cyrus – after American singer and actress ‘Miley Cyrus’
  102. MooMoo – a funny name for a cow who won’t stop mooing!!
  103. Moon – a cute choice containing the ‘moo’ sound
  104. Moooonlight – a cow name for a dark-colored cow
  105. Mooruiel – a pun on the classic, traditional ‘Muriel’
  106. Mopsy – perfect paired with another cow called ‘Flospy’
  107. Muffin – like the option ‘Cupcake’, this sweet name is well suited to an adorable cow
  108. Muriel – Celtic meaning ‘bright sea’
  109. Nellie – an adorable choice, short for ‘Fenella’
  110. Nettie – a cute option, derived from the ‘Nettle’ plant
  111. Nora – short for ‘Honora’, the Latin word for ‘honor’, and also short for ‘Eleanora’, meaning ‘light’
  112. Noreen – a variant of ‘Nora’, meaning ‘light’ and ‘honor’
  113. Olive – meaning ‘from the Olive tree’
  114. Olivia – the feminine version of ‘Oliver’
  115. Oreo – this delicious snack is the perfect name for a black and white cow
  116. Patricia – Latin meaning ‘one who is noble’
  117. Pauline – French meaning ‘small’, and a great choice for a petite cow!
  118. Pearl – this beautiful, white jewel makes a great selection for a precious cow
  119. Penelope – after Odysseus’s wife from the Trojan War
  120. Petal – after the beautiful parts of a flower
  121. Pinky – an adorable cow name for the cutest cow around
  122. Polly – Latin meaning ‘one who is small and humble’
  123. Princess – perfect for a sassy and confident cow!
  124. Priscilla – the feminine version of ‘Priscus’
  125. Queen – for a grand cow who oozes power and confidence!
  126. Queenie – an even cuter version of ‘Queen’
  127. Rose – after the beautiful flowers
  128. Rosemary – this pairing of ‘Rose’ and ‘Mary’ is a perfect blend for a cow
  129. Rosie – an even cuter version of ‘Rose’
  130. Roxanna – or ‘Roxie’ for short
  131. Ruby – French meaning ‘red jewel’
  132. Ruth – a classic name meaning ‘compassionate and kind friend’, perfect for a loveable cow who is your best friend!
  133. Salem Sue – after the cow sculpture, made from fiberglass, and situated in New Salem, America
  134. Sally – Hebrew meaning ‘princess’
  135. Scarlett – after the deep, red color
  136. Shelly – short for options like ‘Michelle’ and ‘Rochelle’
  137. Sophie – a classic version of ‘Sophia’, which would also suit a cow!
  138. Stella – Latin meaning ‘star’
  139. Sue – traditional, and the short form of ‘Susan’
  140. Sugar – for the sweetest little cow in the world!
  141. Sunny – for a bright and loveable cow
  142. Sylvia – Latin meaning ‘one who is from the forest’
  143. Tilly – the short form of ‘Matilda’
  144. Trudy – French meaning ‘one who is curly-haired’
  145. Vera – after the town in Italy, this classic name would suit all kinds of cows!
  146. Victoria – Latin meaning ‘victor’, and a classic, royal choice, made famous by the English ‘Queen Victoria’
  147. Violet – Hindi meaning ‘happy girl’, also the name of the beautiful flower
  148. Virginia – a Latin moniker meaning ‘one who is chaste’
  149. Vivian – a classic Spanish nickname for a cow
  150. Waffles – this sweet dessert makes an adorable choice for a cute cow!
  151. Willa – the feminine version of ‘Wilhelm’



After exploring our cow name generator and list of cow names, we hope you have found the perfect name that suits your special cow perfectly!

Whether it was the strong ‘Patricia’, the funny ‘Moodonna’, or the classic ‘Millie’ that caught your eye, we hope it is a great match for your cow.

If you have been inspired by our puns, keep being creative and making up some of your own – just find names and words that somehow involve a ‘moo’ sound, and chances are you’ll be able to make a cow-related pun out of it.

Still haven’t quite found the perfect cow name you were looking for? Don’t give up here… keep exploring ideas and suggestions. Make sure you get to know your cow really well so that their new name suits them as much as possible.

Good luck with finding the best name possible for your fabulous cow and please leave any suggestions for more great cow names below, we’d love to hear them!

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