35 Best Bernese Mountain Dog Names & Meanings

Bernese Mountain Dog Names

Are you after a fitting title for your gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog?

Then read on to find the best Bernese Mountain Dog names!

The Bernese is actually one of four dog breeds that come from the Alps and they are a very old canine; they can be traced back to the Romans in Switzerland over 2,000 years ago.

The Bernese is a tricolor canine with black, white, and rust coats; so we made sure to add some color-themed dog names in our list too.

We have created an awesome list of ideas (as well as the word’s meaning) to help you settle on the right choice for your furry friend.

Check them out below!

Bernese Mountain Dog Names

Popular Bernese Mountain Dog Names
Alpine Eiger Primrose
Arnica Elias Quincey (von Wiesmadern)
Aster Gentian(a) Reuss
Aurora Hercules Rhone
Aven Kander Rosa
Basel Léonie Senne
Berg Lugano Síoda
Bern Mattia Valais
Blume Meadow Vaud
Bród Mönch Winterthur
Constance Montreux Zurich
Edelweiss Pasque

List Of Bernese Mountain Dog Names

Bernese Mountain Dog

  1. Alpine – a simple yet relevant idea, alpine refers to anything that is associated with high mountains. This includes everything from the American Rockies to the Swiss Alps. Alpine can also be defined as a plant that is native to mountainous areas, especially in or around rocks. This word derives from Latin
  2. Arnica – a perennial flowering herb that prefers mountainous regions, the arnica belongs to the daisy family. Easily recognizable by its yellow flowers, it grows mainly in tundras and ravines. The difficulty of locating and most importantly obtaining this plant (as it likes to grow on steep rocks and deep crevices) has added to its mythical status
  3. Aster – a common plant found in the Alps, the aster is a perennial flower with a star-shaped petal head. Most commonly found in lilac or pink colors, asters are also considered to be one of September’s birth flowers. The name originates from the Ancient Greek word meaning “star,” which reflects the flowers’ shape
  4. Aurora – a beautiful female name that is popular in Switzerland. It comes from the Latin word for dawn; the Roman mythological goddess of dawn bore that name. It is also commonly recognized as the name of the Disney Princess Aurora, who is probably more familiar to everyone as the Sleeping Beauty
  5. Aven – one of the few alpine flowers that can be found in red. It is often referred to as the alpine dryad or the arctic dryad. Avens can be found in North America, especially in Alaska and the Yukon. It has an unusually large number of petals – totaling eight, it is unique in its genus
  6. Basel – the Swiss city of Basel lies on the River Rhine in the northwest part of the country. It has been the home of many notable figures during times of political and public unrest; its famous inhabitants included Friedrich Nietzsche, Erasmus of Rotterdam, and Karl Jaspers. Basel is also Switzerland’s only cargo port
  7. Berg – this is how you say “mountain” in German. A powerful and stately term, Berg would make a great nickname for a male Bernese Mountain Dog. You can often find “berg” at the end of German, Austrian, and Swiss place names, which is usually there to signify that the word has something to do with mountains
  8. Bern – the beautiful capital of Switzerland. It is also the capital of the eponymous canton and the fifth most populated city in Swiss. The Old Town of Bern is considered to be a UNESCO Heritage Site; it also houses the Bern Minster, a stunning reformed cathedral that dates back to the 1400s
  9. Blume – the German word for “flower.” Blume would make a great moniker for a female Bernese Mountain Dog, as it would capture her girly nature and astounding beauty. It is a short name, which means that your dog will have little trouble remembering it. As is quite typical of many German words, Blume is an interesting combination of rough and sweet sounds
  10. Bród – the first dog of Ireland and one of two Bernese Mountain Dogs kept by the Irish President Michael D. Higgins. An adorable and loving pooch, Bród has often stolen the spotlight by drawing all of the attention to himself in photographs (including one with Prince Harry and Megan Markle)
  11. Constance – known as Bodensee in German, this astounding central-European lake stretches for 63 kilometers across Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. It is home to numerous bird species, including songbirds and waterfowls. You can also find orchids growing around Lake Constance, which is the result of the re-naturalization of the area
  12. Edelweiss – undoubtedly one of the most iconic alpine flowers, the edelweiss is the national symbol of Switzerland, Bulgaria, Austria, and Slovenia, among others. Having become the embodiment of alpinism due to its rugged beauty and preference for remote mountain areas, edelweiss is also present in the folk tradition, where it denotes a promise of dedication
  13. Eiger – this appellation refers to the Swiss mountain that is located in the Bernese Alps. It is nearly 4,000 meters tall and is one of the so-called “trilogy” of northern faces of the Alps. The very first ascent of the Eiger was made as far back as 1858; it was completed by two Swiss guides and one Irishman
  14. Elias – this is a common male name in Switzerland. It actually originates from Hebrew, but this specific variant comes from Ancient Greece and loosely translates to “Jehovah is God.” This is a variant of the name given to the Biblical character Elijah, who was a prophet of Israel in the 9th century BC
  15. Gentian(a) – another type of flower, the gentian is a stunning blue flowering herb that is used in medicine. Most commonly it is used in the treatment of hysteria, high blood pressure, fever, and digestion issues. It is one of the protected species of the Swiss Alps. It is a cosmopolitan plant, meaning that it ranges across almost all suitable habitats
  16. Hercules – this is Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s beloved pup. Ben brought Hercules all the way from the Emmental region of Switzerland when he was there in 2006 on a journey of discovering his family’s roots in that country. As such, Hercules became the live embodiment of Ben’s distant past
  17. Kander – a beautiful river that stretches 44 kilometers across Switzerland, Kander would make a great moniker for a Bernese. The Kander Valley is a popular hiking destination that is known for the famous railway that runs from Bern to Italy. With panoramic views over the stunning lake, Kander Valley is certainly worth visiting
  18. Léonie – a popular female name in Switzerland. This name originates from Latin and it means “lioness,” which comes from the male appellation Leon. This would make a fitting choice for a strong female Bernese with a willful temperament. It would also suit a Bernese Mountain Dog names because they are just as hairy as lions!
  19. Lugano – another city in Switzerland, Lugano is located in the country’s Italian-speaking region of Ticino. This produces a unique mixture of Mediterranean and Swiss cultures. The architecture of Lugano has been heavily influenced by the Italian side, resulting in lots of pastel-colored, neoclassical palaces surrounding the city’s main square
  20. Mattia – another popular name in Swiss, Mattia is a male name, despite the vowel ending. It comes from Romansh and means “Gift of God.” Romansh refers to the Romance language spoken in several Swiss cantons in the southeastern part of the country, specifically in Grisons. It would make a great appellation for a male Berner
  21. Meadow – the alpine district is covered in meadows, which are open field habitats populated by grass and non-woody plants. They are of great ecological importance, as they act not only as habitats for endemic and local fauna, but also as nesting, food gathering, and pollinating spots for insects and animals
  22. Mönch – a mountain in the Bernese Alps, Mönch stands at an astounding 4100 meters. The English meaning of this appellation is actually monk, the origin of which is unknown. Mönch was first climbed in 1957 by a group of four alpinists. The exposed formation of the mountain gives way to astounding views over the rest of the Bernese alps
  23. Montreux – a beautiful resort town near Lake Geneva, Montreux is also home to a bronze statue of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen. Freddie used to live in Montreux after the band bought Mountain Recording Studio. He recorded his final album – Made in Heaven – in this exact place
  24. Pasque – a stunning alpine flower that is native to the mountains of Europe. Characterized by its divided, hairy leaves, the pasque bears white flowers that are flushed with lilac. Fun fact: it is depicted on the crest of and is the county flower of Oppland in Norway, as well as counties in Sweden and Finland
  25. Primrose – known scientifically as primula, the primrose is a type of flowering plant that is commonly found in the Swiss Alps. This species is highly valued for the beauty of its flowers and it has been cultivated for many centuries. Its flowers range in color from white to purple and everything in between
  26. Quincey (von Wiesmadern) – a famous Bernese Mountain Dog that appeared in videos with the Austrian singer, entertainer, and former member of the country’s skiing team Hansi Hinterseer. This beautiful and friendly dog got to represent a great athlete who won six alpine skiing World Cup races in slalom and giant slalom
  27. Reuss – this is a river that runs through most of central Switzerland. The name is believed to come from the 9th century early Germanic language. What’s even more astonishing is that we have retained the river’s pre-Germanic title (Silana) that was recorded by Ptolemy back in the Roman Empire
  28. Rhone – this time one of the largest rivers in Europe, the Rhone also runs through Switzerland and forms the Rhone Glacier. This beautiful river has important historical significance because the Romans and the Greeks used it as a leading trade route. The origin of this word is complex, as it stems from numerous avenues, including Latin and Gaulish
  29. Rosa – this title refers to Monte Rosa, which is the second-highest mountain in the Alps. Its peak is known as Dufourspitze and is located between Italy and Switzerland. This location has been mentioned in many travel diaries and it was first climbed in 1847. It was also climbed by Winston Churchill
  30. Senne – the German word for “alpine pasture” (in feminine) and “alpine herdsmen and dairymen” (in masculine). It also refers to a region in west-central Germany that is quite surprisingly dotted with moorland and dunes. This area is also home to the Senner, a critically endangered type of riding horse
  31. Síoda – Michael D. Higgins’s other Bernese Mountain pup. Alongside her brother, she is a wonderful ice-breaker and the perfect conversation starter. They are also considered to be a great ‘source of wisdom’ by their owner. Commonly accompanying Higgins wherever he goes, Síoda and Bród have met plenty of celebrities
  32. Valais – a canton in Swiss. A canton is an administrative subdivision of the country, somewhat similar to a state in the US. Valais is home to the famous Matterhorn Mountain that forms a significant part of the Bernese Alps. It has a diverse climate that varies from some of the driest to some of the wettest in the entire country
  33. Vaud – another canton in Switzerland. It is considered unique due to its interest in innovation, tranquility, and tradition; although seemingly contradictory, these values combine to create an interesting experience. Vaud is also considered to be one of the world centers for sport, as many important sport-related decisions are made there
  34. Winterthur – this Swiss city sounds like a name out of an ancient Nordic epic. It is less than half an hour away from Zurich and is home to the Oskar Reinhart museum, as well as the Swiss heritage site of Kyburg Castle, the fragrant Rosengarten, and Stadtkirche that is claimed to have been the site of a church since 700
  35. Zurich – Switzerland’s center for banking and finance, Zurich is an important city for the rest of the world as well. With a large concentration of banks and other financial services firms, Zurich was founded by the Romans in 15 BC. It has consistently been rated as one of the best cities to live in


Bernese Dog

That concludes our list of Bernese Mountain Dog names.

We have predominantly focused on things to do with Switzerland, specifically its natural geography (lakes, cities, cantons, mountains), popular human titles, and flora that is native to the Swiss Alps.

However, you don’t have to stick to Swiss-related things; we just thought that they would be a great way of capturing the specific character of Bernese dogs.

Remember, all dogs are unique and their name has to reflect that!

Have we missed any fantastic ideas? Let us know your dog’s name in the comment section below!

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