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Bakery NamesExcited about your new bakery venture? You must be giving a lot of thought to everything about it, right? Well, that’s great because a well-thought business is a highlight likely to succeed.

But hold on! Have you shortlisted the bakery names yet?

Do you know a good name for your bakery business that can significantly boost your sales and help you establish a strong standing amongst your customer base? With this thought in mind, you must consider the naming process.

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We understand that it isn’t easy so here we are, come to your rescue! Here are more than just a few unique ideas that will surely give you a creative way out of your problem.

Interestingly, you don’t have to use our suggestions individually… You can mix and match or rhyme words with a few of our suggestions and add your personal touch.

Bakery Name Generator

Before you start looking at our hand-selected favorites, take a browse through the name generator and see if anything catches your eye; we have so many of the perfect bakery names.

You can use the bakery name generator below and come up with a unique name for your bakery:

Baking Company
Bakery Bits
Cake Art


The 50 Best Bakery Name Ideas

To help you get to the most suitable option, here are a few ideas you can look into, and we are sure they’ll help you get to your decision easily.

Name Description
Butterfly Box This name ensures the sweet little touch in the name while keeping the customers excited.
Bread Roll Using this name will tell your customers at once that you own a bakery.
The Bread Box Bread isn’t usually available in a box. So, isn’t it creative as a bakery name at your end?
Bakery Time It helps you remind your customers that they need to have something from your bakery.
The Bakery Delights To help customers cheer their mood, you can rely on this name.
The Bakery Roll You can entice hunger with the name of your bakery business.
Sugar Sweets Sweets are sugary. So, why not admit it?
The Chocolate Cake This is one of the hot favorites for all the cake and bakery lovers.
Grandma’s Kitchen It creates a sense of traditionalism in taste, recipes, and techniques.
Beautiful Cookies Cookies aren’t beautiful; they are delicious. But didn’t it grab your attention?
Delicious Mama Using a sense of emotion is a great way to name your bakery.
Awesome Cake A great adjective to define your cakes.
Angel Cakes Tell your customers how good your cakes are!
Warm Delights Help your customers feel the freshness of your products.
The Sweet Room A name that suggests that everything is sweet around.
Pound Your Cakes Aren’t the cakes weighed in pounds?
Pastry Paw This name can have special meaning in the hearts of dog lovers.
Pie n Pastry You can attract pie and pastry lovers through this name with style.
Icing On the Cake Depicts the best.
Delightful Pastry The pastries that can fill your life with delight.
Creamilicious Full of cream, doesn’t that make your mouth watery already!
Tempting Sweets We are sure that would tempt your customers to buy from you!
Hard Chocolate You can appeal to all the chocolate lovers using his name.
Sweet Talker You can establish your reputation in the sweets category using this name.
The Dessert Attract people who want to have sweets and cakes as their desserts.
The Chocolaty Dessert Chocolates and desserts together surely make a great combination.
Cake Lover Get hold of all the cake lovers around.
Pastry Lover You can get hold of all the pastry lovers with this name.
Cake ‘n’ Chew A unique name that doesn’t involve chewing at all.
Baby Cakes For all the cake lovers who want to eat cakes but not the big ones.
Mom n Pop Bakery Gives a traditional sense with a family vibe.
Sugar cake bakery This name covers all the products you can offer your customers through a bakery.
Cookie Crumble Crumbling cookies, doesn’t that make you want them?
The Cake Corner An indication of the ultimate cake spot.
The Rolling Scones Scones – not a traditional bakery product but certainly a delicious one.
Mix up In the bakery, it takes mixing up multiple ingredients to make your wonderful creations, and this is what you can take advantage of.
You Knead This Need this and knead this – pretty clear, right?
Chief Bread Maker Show the quality and class you are offering.
Bread and Butter The perfect combination for mornings that can help you establish your position as a bakery.
Cake House When a shop is called the house, it gets the traditional warmth.
Cake Pastry A good name for the bakery with cake as their expertise.
Cake Patty Showing sweet and salty taste of the dishes together.
The Wedding Cake Shop If you specialize in wedding cakes, then this is the name you should use.
The Birthday Cake Shop If you specialize in birthday cakes, then this is the name you should choose.
Snack Rack To get the attention of all the after-meal hungry folks.
Sweet Sensationz Grab the interest of all the sweet food lovers using this name.


50 Cute Bakery Names

Name Description
Bready Sensationz Get the attention of all the bread lovers using this unique name
Fluffy Buns People will come running for fresh and fluffy buns if you sell them.
Muffin Tops We love muffins, don’t you?
Sticky Buns Sticky with honey, doesn’t that sound like a new product?
No wheat treats Changing health concerns require you to value consumer preferences
Forgot the flour A nice and different name to tell customers that you don’t use flour in your bakery products, making them healthy and safe to use
Easy as Cake Idioms can sometimes prove to be best when looking for a memorable name
Queen of Tarts Tarts with a royal touch to make your entire bakery range premium
Cream Puffs Absolutely lovely to eat – surely, it is.
Cakey Bakey Cakes are baked – usually, aren’t they?
The Cake Monkey You can always describe the best delivery through this name, as monkeys are known for their imitation tactics.
All your Cake This is a perfect name for a cake specific shop
Disco Danish Danish pastries, have you heard of them before? Why not use it as a name for your pastry shop?
Cookie Encounter Who doesn’t like that? Let your potential audience visit you.
Something Sweet You’ll be encouraging your potential customers to give your bakery business a try if they need to have something sweet.
Digital Bakery Doesn’t it look like a good name for an online bakery? It surely does.
Town bakery You can keep the local buyers intact using this name
Fresh cakes By using this name, you’ll be counting on one of the properties of these cakes.
Oven fresh This can depict how fresh your bread and cakes are
A bun in the Oven People like buns and bread while still fresh in the Oven, so why not use them as your selling point.
Flour Power Traditionally, bakery items are made from flour. Basically, flour had been the driving force of the bakery. Using it as a name will depict the same case.
A bun in the kitchen A bit of the unique name that highlights the importance of your bakery kitchen, too, no?
The Wheatless Wonder This name is awesome if you target customers who don’t want to eat wheat products.
The Slice A pizza slice or a cake slice or maybe a bread one? You can cater to them all through your name.
Cupcake Nation Tell your customers that we all love cupcakes
Cheesy Cakes They are the specialties. If you can make them right, you have all your customers.
Cupcake Wedding A hint that you create wedding cakes and have cupcakes n your shop.
Cake Charms Charming cakes, who won’t like to have them except for the people who are on a diet
The Custom Cakes Tell your customers that you make customer cakes just by the name of your shop.


Some Other Cute Names

  • Cake Latte
  • Coco Cakes
  • Iced Cakes
  • Sliced cakes
  • Cake Creme
  • Cake Kaffe
  • Cake Nest
  • Neon Cakes
  • Café Sponge
  • Coffee Crumbs
  • Silky Taste
  • Joy in a cake
  • Emerald Cake
  • The story in a cake
  • Birthday Flavors
  • Lovers and Cake
  • Memories and Cake
  • Carved Cakes Bakery
  • Mr. Cakes Creations
  • Cakers and Bakers


Baking Business Names

You have to be careful about your bakery name selection as you can’t change your business name once it is established. So, if 5 years down the road, you’ll think to have a better, smaller, or a unique name that could identify you as a brand, you will not have any choice.

Isn’t it better to start your bakery business with a high prospect of success? Besides, we suggest you brainstorm and think of a creative name, but believe us; it will not take ages to reach the final selection.

But the other planning activities for your start-up can go sideways while you are thinking about the name. Research says that it might take from 6 weeks to 6 months to come up with a relevant name to your business that can have good branding potential.

Besides, the period of 6 months is what branding strategists take; if you are an owner selecting the bakery names, you might not need much time.

This means you need to relax and let your mind wander here and there to find the new name for your bakery business with the names highlighted here as an inspiration.

Cake Business Names

Cake Sign
Are you starting on a small scale with cakes as the only offering, or are cakes your specialty? In that case, you wouldn’t want to give an impression of a complete bakery, and you will be right about it.

So, how should you name your business in that case? We are bringing up some great cake business names here for you. Let’s see what we have in store:

  • Cake Mania
  • Pastry Box
  • Cake Addict
  • Sweet Spot
  • Layers of baking
  • Baking obsession
  • Layers of goodness
  • Cakeology
  • Sweet Surrender
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Baking success
  • Timer Baking
  • Delicious cakery
  • Bunny Cakes
  • Flying cakes
  • Yummiology
  • Deserting Desire
  • Delicious Treats
  • Candy cakes
  • Chocolate cakes
  • My Cakez
  • The Cake Factory


Bread Company Names

Bread Board
Are you trying to focus on the bread side of the bakery? Your customers should know that from the very start, right? It will bring in a niche-specific audience and help you establish your unique selling point.

That also means that you should be thinking of some specific name that would highlight your expertise and plans, i.e., bread company names.

Let us share a few unique names with you, hoping you’ll like them for your business.

  • Bread n beyond
  • The Bread Shop
  • The Bakery
  • Baked with Love
  • Breadway Bakers
  • Knead Bread
  • Bread and Butter
  • Pretty Bread
  • Gluten-Free
  • Wake n Bake
  • The Cooling Room
  • The Rolling Pin
  • Pie Bar
  • Sunshine bakery
  • SunRise Bakery
  • Colonel Bakery
  • Flavorish Bakery
  • Mom’s bakery
  • Valley Bakery
  • Mr. Baker
  • Classic Baker
  • Royal Bakery
  • House of Bread
  • Flour Box
  • Flour Shower
  • Bakery Bits
  • Breaking Bread
  • Baker’s Table
  • Baker’s Mania
  • The Loaf Bakery
  • Our Daily Bread
  • Urban Bakery
  • Dream day Bakery
  • Mr. Bread


Bakery Names to Make Your Business Rise

Best Bakery Names 1
You do not have to rely on the dry names every time; here are a few suggestions in different categories that you will surely like:

Funny Names for Your Bakery

Funny names can always catch your consumer’s attention. They not only spend some time understanding your name but also ensure that they remember it for the next time. Besides, sharing of such names becomes prominent. And this is going to help your business establish credibility and generate word of mouth as well.

But it is you who will determine if word of mouth will be positive or negative as no one will buy from a bakery with a funny name but no quality.

Here are a few names you can rely on for inspiration:

Name Description
Puff-Puff Pastry Derived from the puff pastry and your pet’s sound, don’t you think it is funny?
It Starts With A ‘B’ That’s right! Bakery starts with a B! 🙂
Sugarbakers Bakery The bakers who are so good must be good in making the products too.
I Donut Care I do not care, or I donut care? Let your indifference be your selling point.
Warm Buns Bakers Show yourself as a bakery producing warm buns every time. Everyone loves warm buns.
Baker’s Bites A nice name indeed, highlighting the relevancy and uniqueness.
Apple Pies N More You aren’t only telling your customers that you have these items and intriguing their interest with this name.


French Names

A French bakery’s name might feel unique and contemporary, so you might want to get an idea about these names:

Name Description
Souffle Comes from the French word souffler, which means “to blow,” “to breathe,” “to inflate,” or “to puff.
Le Pain Quotidien It means “The Daily Bread”
Pâtisserie Soufflé Comes from French words, souffler and Pâtisserie (means “pastry shop”)
Pâtisserie la Reine Reine, in French, means “Queen”
Le Macaron Noir Noir means “black” and Macaron is “Macaroon”
Pâtisserie Perdu Pedu in French is “lost,” so this name means ” Lost Pastry.”
Le Pain D’Amour This phrase in French means “The Bread of Love.”


Modern Bakery Names

To find the modern names for your bakery, you can explore the following list, and we are sure you’ll find an appealing name.

  • The Cake Company
  • Treating cake
  • Piece of Cake
  • Utopia Cake
  • Assorted Cake
  • Sugar-coated cake
  • Epic Cake
  • Cake Foundation


Clever Names

Best Bakery Names 2
Do you want your business to sound clever? You must use a clever name, and it will set the right tone for your bakery business:

Name Description
The Muffin Man who could have imagined it coming?
Lucky Cakes Your cakes are surely going to be lucky.
Superlicious Delicious and super – a great combination!


Unique Bakery Names

Below are the unique name ideas for a bakery. You might not find them elsewhere, so go through them in detail, and you’ll get the best name for your bakery business!

Name Description
The Milk Bar As with most bakery products, use milk and cream so that you can use this name.
Make it Sweet Advertise the sweet products from your bakery with this name.
The Cake Spoon Most people want small pieces of cakes so that you can get their attention right away with this name.
The Golden Bakery Golden depicts the royalty and premium products.
Honey and Cakes Honey and Cakes – a mix of ingredients and the end product
Cake and Cream Cakes have creams, so why not cake and cream?
Cotton Cakery Just like the cotton candy, it is the Cotton Cakery.


Vintage Names

Best Bakery Names 3
Do you want to capitalize on the vintage names for your bakery? Here is a list that you can count on:

Name Description
Village French With this name, you can refer to the old bakery techniques, and practices once used.
Lovely Bakes You can use this beautiful vintage name to create a nostalgic attribution to your bakery.
Rustic Artisan Bread Rustic Artisan is French-style; you can use it for naming your bakery.
Vintage Bread Studio Making your bakery a studio is a great way to attract potential customers.
Old Stone Baking This name refers to an old-school or vintage baking style
Stonehenge Bread It is another name referring to the traditionalism of the baking field.
Stone Heart Bakery The stone depicts the old traditions, while the heart highlights the emotions.
Wicked Wheat Bakery Being wicked also means that your bakery has some magic so that you can count on it.


Bakery Names FAQ

What is a French Bakery Called?

In French, patisserie, is the name specific to the pastry shop while boulangerie refers to the bakery.

What is a Good Name for a Cupcake Business?

Here is a list of a few good names for a cupcake business:

  • Perfect Parties
  • Pound Your Cake
  • Just Cakes
  • Bake Off
  • Hot Biscuits
  • The Cake Lair
  • Sugar-coated
  • The Mad Batter
  • Super Cakes
  • Cake My Day
  • Cake Art
  • Nothing Batter Cakes
  • The Cinnaman
  • Sugarbloom Bakery


How Do You Come Up With a Bakery Name?

While finding a name for your bakery, you can be as creative as possible – throwing in a pun is a great way to be memorable.

It is advisable to keep some relevancy in the name of your business and the industry you are in to let the customers be aware of your business the first time they see or hear your name – it is not mandatory though.

So, if you are just starting can also look for other sweet and short names that you think could be attractive for your business. The logic behind using the short name is that individuals easily memorize it.

So, if you are just starting your business, you’ll be able to create higher brand awareness and stronger brand identity. It will surely help in increasing your customer base.

How can you come up with great names for your business? Here are a few ideas:

1. Brainstorm

Brainstorming is the best way to find a solution to your problems. In this case, names based on baking should be the focus of your brainstorming; you can use the suggestions above to get started.

Once you get into the process, we are sure you’ll come up with a super cool name for your bakery.

2. Use Your Family Name

Like the other industries, you can utilize your name or family name as your bakery name. Doing so lets you establish a particular image in the customer’s mind. Besides, it makes your name memorable, too, along with your business’s name. Isn’t it worth a try?

3. Count On Your Special Selling Point

Do you use high-quality ingredients in your products? Or is the freshly baked goods that provide you with the ultimate applause from the customers? Does your customer come back to you because of your affordable prices?

No matter your unique selling point, you can translate it into forming the bakery name.

What’s Another Word for Bakery?

If you think a bakery is a cliché, you can refer to your bakery business as a bakeshop, confectionary, bakehouse, or cake shop. There are different words for a bakery in other languages too. So, you might want to refer them if none of this amazes you.

What’s the Best Bakery Name You’ve Seen?

The Cupcake Queen is the best bakery name that we have come across. You might not want to copy it for your bakery business. But you can choose something from the other names that we have shown you in this article.


With the bakery names suggestions, we are sure you would have at least gotten some of the ideas to name your business.

As mentioned earlier, you don’t necessarily have to choose the name from our suggested name ideas. You can mix and match these naming suggestions or get inspiration to find a name that is truly unique to your business.

Best of luck for selecting the right name and your overall business success!

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