The Ultimate Anime Girl Names Generator + Meanings – Aiko to Zakuro!

Four Anime Girls in a RowAnime girl names are becoming a popular naming choice globally and not just amongst anime enthusiasts.

Even for those who are not avid followers of these creative Japanese animations, anime names – much like the shows themselves! – can have a unique spunk to them!

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No matter what your age, anime provides a rich and fascinating art form that is action-packed with exciting storylines and narratives. Not to mention the remarkably aesthetic imagery and compelling characters that you can’t help but feel a connection with.

Many, then, show their love by choosing cute anime names based on these characters for their children.

With a diverse combination of magic, romance, adventure, supernatural elements, comedy, action, and fantasy, you can be assured that you will find the perfect name in the anime world.

To make things easier for you, we have compiled a wide variety of popular anime names for girls in this article for you to choose from. We have also gone one step further and provided you with an anime girl name generator so you can choose what tickles your interest.

Anime Girl Name Generator

Anime Girl Names
When it comes to female anime names, there are just so many to choose from. This can be somewhat of a double-edged sword since there is something for everyone but then the sheer volume of choice can leave you confused.

If you are someone who needs a little help picking a name, our anime name generator comes to the rescue.

It contains a diverse collection of anime names based on a bunch of different categories. Therefore, whether you want an edgy and cool anime girl name or are simply looking for a cute moniker for your little girl, this name generator will be your best friend.

Consider it a one-stop-shop for all your anime naming needs!

Mei – ‘the fifth month’
Sailor – ‘boat man’
Mononoke – ‘natural forces’


The 20 Cutest Anime Girl Names

There simply is no shortage of adorable female anime characters in the Japanese manga, giving you a ton of cute names for your little angel.

What’s more, is that the names are followed by thoughtful meanings that reinforce a sense of beauty and depth.

Here is a list of the 20 cutest anime names for girls that will roll off your tongue and remain memorable:

  1. Aiko – means “little loved one.”
  2. Asuna – from Sword Art Online, which has the meaning “tomorrow’s apple tree.”
  3. Ayu – from Kanon, meaning “beautiful.”
  4. Chihiro – from Spirited Away, with the meaning “thousand searches.”
  5. Emi – from The Devil is a Part-Timer, that means “beautiful blessing.”
  6. Kamiko – meaning “little goddess.”
  7. Kanna – from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid.
  8. Kisa – from Fruits Basket.
  9. Kise – from Smile Pretty Cure!
  10. Kotomi – from CLANNAD, it means “a beautiful koto”, a stringed instrument in Japanese.
  11. Miaka – from Fushigi Yugi, that means “beautiful crimson.”
  12. Mio – from K-On! , that stands for “cherry blossom.”
  13. Misumi – from the anime Smile Pretty Cure!
  14. Miyuki – a name from Lucky Star which means “beautiful blessing.”
  15. Nadeshiko – from Laid Back Camp, with a meaning that says “loveable child.” It also refers to a type of flower in Japanese.
  16. Nagisa – from CLANNAD, it means “a calm beach” in Japanese.
  17. Naru – from Barakamon.
  18. Popura – from the anime series Working!!
  19. Shigure – from Kemono Michi: Rise Up, that means a rain shower in the fall or early winter in Japan.
  20. Taiga – from the anime Toradora, with the meaning “big river.”

    Best Anime Names for Girls

    Super Cool Cosplay Girl
    While all anime names are beautiful, the best ones are those that sound good to you and provide a sense of relatability that is specific to you and your life.

    Have a look at this list for some of the best and most meaningful anime names for girls:

    • Akane – it means the color “deep red.”
    • Hana – which means “flower.”
    • Haruka – with meanings “distant or remote”, usually shortened as Haru which can mean “spring.”
    • Hikari – that means “light.”
    • Hinata – that has multiple meanings of “sunny place, toward the sun.”
    • Kaori – that has the multiple meanings of “weaving, fragrance.”
    • Kyo – commonly means “respectful, echo, influential.”
    • Mizuki – means “beautiful moon.”
    • Minori – with the meaning “truth.”
    • Nagisa – also used as a last name, has multiple meanings of “beach, water’s edge, sand.”
    • Nao – taken from Kamisama Kiss that means “love, affection.”
    • Nanami – it means “seven seas.”
    • Naomi – from Death Note, means “pleasant one.”
    • Nori – a name from the anime Mother’s Rosario that means “doctrine.”
    • Noriko – from Kiznaiver, means “law and order”
    • Rei – means “beautiful, lovely”. It can also mean “bell, the tinkling of jade.”
    • Rin – a name that means “dignified, severe, cold.”
    • Rikka – means “tranquil leader.”
    • Revy – which means “sea of kindness.”
    • Seibā – means “truth.”
    • Sakura – from Naruto, with the meaning “cherry blossom.”
    • Sora – from the series No Game No Life that means “sky.”
    • Uzume – also the name of a Japanese Shinto goddess with the meaning “whirling.”
    • Umeno – it means “plum fields.”
    • Wakana – a name that means “serene music, harmony.”
    • Wakumi – which means “spring water.”
    • Wataru – that means “to cross over.”
    • Yasu – a name that stands for “peace or calm.”
    • Yoi – a word with the meaning of “born in the evening.”
    • Zyunko – that stands for “genuine, pure.”
    • Zuiko – with the meaning “light of the gods.”


    Cool Anime Girl Names

    Naruto Girl Eyes
    We all know the best anime girls are always cool. With female protagonists being front and center in most animes, you won’t have to look far if you want to know some cool anime girl names.

    Take a look at some of the most popular anime names for girls that represent cool characters and have adorable meanings to accompany them.

    • Aimi – means “beautiful love.”
    • Aina – it has the meaning of “forever.”
    • Aki – stands for “autumn, bright,” depending on the script.
    • Aya – means “woven silk.”
    • Chickako – means “thousand.”
    • Chiyoko – meaning “a thousand generations.”
    • Dai – means “great.”
    • Eri – a name that denotes “drawing.”
    • Faye – a name meaning “loyalty, belief.”
    • Haman – main antagonist from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.
    • Hitomi – lovingly means “pupil of the eye.”
    • Honoka – means “spike, head.”
    • Hoshi – means “star.”
    • Kaeda – which means “maple leaf.”
    • Kanon – this name can mean “flower, sound,” depending on the usage.
    • Kagura – protagonist from Gintama.
    • Kamiko – this name has “the little goddesss” as its meaning.
    • Kaoru – that has the meaning “fragrant.”
    • Kiko – with a joyful meaning of “glad, rejoicing child.”
    • Mayu – commonly means “true, gentleness.”
    • Maki – this means “truth tree.”
    • Misaki – means “beautiful bloom.”
    • Mikasa – deuteragonist from Attack on Titan.
    • Miwa – it means “beautiful music.”
    • Miyako – which means “beautiful night.”
    • Riko – from Kuroko’s Basketball.
    • Saki – meaning “hope, blossom.”
    • Shiki – from Karo no Kyoukai.
    • Sinon – from Sword Art Online.
    • Yuu – from the series Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun.


    Kawaii Cute Anime Girl Names

    Cool Anime Girl
    In Japanese, the word Kawaii represents the cutest, prettiest, or most adorable. It usually refers to characters that have a sense of innocence and shyness attached to them, like Bleach’s Orihime. The word kawaii literal meaning is “lovable.”

    Since the Japanese culture loves everything cute, Kawaii is a fairly common word that is used in many different contexts and there are a lot of monikers that can be associated with this term.
    Have your pick at the following Kawai cute anime names for girls:

    • Ai – which means “love, affection.”
    • Airi – with the beautiful meanings of “jasmine, pearl.”
    • Akiyama – meaning “autumn mountain.”
    • Aoki – meaning “green tree.”
    • Atsuko – a name that thoughtfully means “child of profound emotions.”
    • Ayaka – that could mean “colorful, flower,” depending on the script it is used in.
    • Ayane – that means “color, design.”
    • Ayumu – means “vision, dream.”
    • Chiharu – this word means “sunny weather” or “spring,” depending on the instance it is being used in.
    • Chinatsu – with the meaning “thousand summers.”
    • Chizuru – means “thousand cranes.”
    • Emika – which stands for “charming.”
    • Fubuki – that has the meaning “snow.”
    • Himari – a moniker that means “sunflower, home of light and love.”
    • Hiraki – meaning “castle.”
    • Holo – which means “whole.”
    • Ino – from the popular anime series Naruto.
    • Yoshiko – that has the meanings “beautiful child, a virtuous child.”
    • Yuna – means “kindness, night.”
    • Yuki – a name with the meaning of “snow, happiness.”
    • Yumi – that holds the meaning of “archery bow.”


    Good Anime Girl Names

    Girl Wall Spraypaint Anime
    There is no doubt that animes are exciting and can be stunningly beautiful. They serve as the perfect place for people to look for if they want interesting anime names for girls. These names have an exotic flair that you just cannot help but fall in love with!

    Not only that, the names are also super easy to pronounce and spell, and they sound easy on the ears. They are bursting with personality and the beautiful meanings behind these names make them all the more special for the person using them.

    • Ami – a popular name that means “beloved, beautiful.”
    • Asami – with multiple meanings of “future, hemp.”
    • Ayano – from Hanebad, meaning “color.”
    • Asuka – from Neon Genesis Evangelion, means “smell, perfume.”
    • Chouko – a name with the adorable meaning “butterfly child.”
    • Chiyo – originates from Umetarou Nozaki’s manga Sakura Chiyo, which means “a thousand sparkles.”
    • Daisuke – meaning “very helpful.”
    • Daiki – from Kuroko no Basket, meaning “very noble and great.”
    • Etsuko – a name with the meaning “happy child.”
    • Emiko – from the anime Chubby Utahime. It means “blessed child.”
    • Ennis – this name means “from the island.”
    • Fumiko – means “beautiful child.”
    • Hideko – it means “excellent child.”
    • Ichigo – based on a character from Bleach manga. It means “strawberry.”
    • Izumi – from Horimiya, that means “fountain, spring.”
    • Isamu – a name with the meaning “courageous.”
    • Itsuki – from Gotoubun no Hanayome, that has the meaning of “timber trees.”
    • Kazuko – it means “peaceful child.”
    • Kokoro – a moniker that means “heart.”
    • Lina – from the Slayers manga, that means “small, young palm tree, tenderness.”


    Anime Demon Girl Names

    Demon Anime Girl Names
    Demonic characters have been a staple of anime since the very beginning. After all, someone needs to fight the good guy.

    However, anime somehow sets itself apart when it comes to these devilish characters by giving them a certain sophistication that is usually missing in animations from other parts of the world.

    If you are looking for an anime girl name that caters to the inner devil, we’ve got you covered with this list of zingy demon girl names.

    • Akeno – from High School DxD, meaning “bright shining field.”
    • Akito – from Fruits Basket, means “bright person.”
    • Albedo – from Overlord, a name that means “witness.”
    • Balalaika – from Black Lagoon, refers to a stringed instrument.
    • Boa – from One Piece.
    • Chūnari – A female demon in Japanese folklore.
    • Clare – from Claymore.
    • Esdeath –from Akame Ga Kill! , means “sadist.”
    • Fujiko – from Lupin III, meaning “child of wisteria.”
    • Galaxia – from Sailor Moon.
    • Himiko – from My Hero Academia, means “sun princess.”
    • Honnari – A powerful Japanese mythological demon with a female snakelike body.
    • Kaede – from Elfin Lied, means “maple tree.”
    • Konan – from Naruto, meaning “warlike.”
    • Kuroha – from the anime Eden of the East, that has the meaning of “expert.”
    • Kurumi – from Date a Live, which means “walnut.”
    • Lucy – from Elfen Lied.
    • Mai – from Yu-Gi-Oh! , with the meaning of “sheet.”
    • Mina – from My Hero Academia.
    • Nel – from Bleach.
    • Oiwa – The name of a vengeful female ghost in Japanese mythology.
    • Ragyō – a name from Kill La Kill.
    • Raynare – from High School DxD.
    • Reiko – from Parasyte ~ The Maxim, it means “gratitude.”
    • Rias – from High School DxD.
    • Rize – from Tokyo Ghoul, which means “lovely world.”
    • Ruri – from Durarara!! , means “emerald.”
    • Ryoko – from Tenchi Muyou! Ryououki, standing for “refreshing child.”
    • Sazae – A demon in Japanese folklore that took the shape of a beautiful woman in the ocean.
    • Shizuka – moniker from Vampire Knight that means “summer, quiet.”
    • Ubagabi – A demon in Japanese mythology that looks like an old woman in a ball of fire.
    • Ubume – A female evil ghost in Japanese folklore.


    Japanese Women Names – The Inspiration for Anime Names

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    Female anime names often have inspirational meanings attached to them. But where do these names come from?

    Anime writers and publishers often take inspiration from the things and people that surround them. They can choose a name for a female anime character based on several different factors.

    It could be anything from naming the characters after traditional Japanese names for women to simply naming them after a non-living thing, such as food or vegetables.

    A famous example is that of the name “Ichigo” in the popular anime Bleach. “Ichigo” means strawberry is a moniker that is very commonly given to females in Japan, for which Ichigo in Bleach gets taunted, as he’s a boy!

    Based on the personality of the anime character, a name could also be given after an animal, a warrior, or an ancient goddess.

    Another source of inspiration that Japanese creators often use is that of naming anime characters after the weather. For example, the name “Chiharu” can mean both the summer weather and spring.

    For Japanese manga creators, naming inspiration can come from anywhere. They could either choose from the many choices available to them in the form of real-person names or just create new ones for the sake of the manga.


    Anime girl names range from powerful to creative to downright adorable. As a huge plus, they come with rich meanings from not only the Japanese language but many times, from other cultures and languages as well.

    Hopefully, you would have found the perfect female anime name of your choice in this article with the added help of our anime name generator.

    The Japanese culture is deeply rooted in these names and its colorful history seeps into the world of anime very gracefully. This leads to some of the most interesting monikers that this beautiful country, with its mesmerizing art form, has to offer.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is a badass name for a girl?

    While it is great to have classic names for girls, sometimes you want a little flair with a badass female name that showcases one’s outgoing attitude and adventurous spirit.

    Nowadays, being badass is the new cool for women, and rightfully so. If you are thinking of giving your little one a badass moniker, there are a lot of choices.

    A great badass name for a girl is Aella. This name means “whirlwind” and is taken after a famous Amazonian warrior, representing bravery and courage.

    Who is the prettiest anime girl 2021?

    When it comes to the prettiest anime girl of 2021, everyone has their own opinions. However, a few anime ladies knock it out of the park in the looks department.

    Some of the most popular choices amongst anime enthusiasts are Albedo from Overlord, Boa Hancock from One Piece, and Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead.

    Who is the most attractive anime character?

    While beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, there are some anime characters that everyone can agree are dreamy and charming. Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online is one of the top choices amongst people for the most attractive anime characters.

    She has extremely likable qualities and doesn’t hesitate to put her life on the line to save the ones she loves. You’d be hard-pressed to find a fault in this amazing character.

    Who is the most popular girl anime character?

    Saber from The Fate anime series is one of the most popular girl characters in the anime space. She is strong, powerful, and loyal.

    She exhibits great mastery over her skills and is one of those rare ones who keep their word when they make a pact, no matter what.

    What is the most powerful girl name?

    Girl power is a real thing when it comes to animes. One of the most powerful girl names is Satsuki. This name is inspired by one of the primary antagonists of the anime series Kill la Kill.

    Satsuki exudes confidence and is a strong leader. She is a perfectionist and displays abilities nothing short of superhuman.

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